Haulage Industry Welcomes OFT Review Into Fuel Price

As the Road Haulage Association comes out in support of the Office of Fair Trading, UK-based courier exchange company, MrCarrier.com, provides an insight on how the fluctuations in fuel prices are affecting courier services UK wide.

Manchester, United Kingdom, January 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Both rural motorists and members of the haulage industry are responding positively to the proposed investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) into the price of petrol and diesel. Earlier this week the Road Haulage Association (RHA) came out in support of the proposed investigation which will target fuel retailers and how their prices are set.

The investigation, which will be awaited keenly by hauliers and courier services UK wide, will consider, amongst other things, these four key questions:

• Are the reductions in crude oil prices being reflected in the price to the consumer at the pump?

• Are supermarkets and other major fuel suppliers adopting practices that make it difficult for independent companies to remain competitive?

• Is there enough competition in rural areas between the fuel retailers supplying the local communities?

• Are the concerns relating to price coordination that have been identified by other competition authorities really relevant in the UK?

Top UK haulage exchange company, MrCarrier.com welcomed the investigation and commented on the impact fuel prices are having on parcel services UK wide:

“The operating costs of companies providing parcel services UK wide have, on average, around 1/3rd dedicated to the diesel they need to run their vehicles. As we know, diesel has risen in price by 43% over the last five years, and with courier services UK wide feeling more squeezes from the UK’s economic issues, the price of fuel is only exacerbating the issue and making it more difficult for companies to succeed in business.

“We endeavour to offer companies using our haulage exchange the opportunities to maximise their profits by finding backloads through dedicated freight alerts. This means they travel in both directions with goods on board and make the most of the fuel they are burning on that trip.

“However, the parcel services UK industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and with much of the UK’s economy relying on goods being delivered to shops, clients and homes, there is no doubt that an artificial inflating of the price of diesel will have a depressing effect on the UK’s economy overall. We welcome the investigation, whatever the outcome, and support any measures that endeavour to make courier services UK wide better value and more profitable.”

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