Become an “Inner Marker” Circle Member

Norwood, MA, September 20, 2012 --( As pilots prepare for the new chapter inaugural meetings in Fort Washington, MD and Palmyra, PA – the IMC Club International has just announced its newest Instrument Pilot Safety Initiative, the creation of a Special Membership Group for pilots who are dedicated to the consistent and constant improvement of their instrument flying skills.

You are invited to join this inner circle of the IMC Club, to be known as the “Inner Marker Circle.” Membership is for those pilots who are not only IFR current (as defined in the FARs), but are also IFR proficient and who meet the more demanding standards of the IMC Club.

According to the organization’s website: “The Inner Marker Circle is an elite group of pilots who are dedicated to the consistent and constant improvement of instrument flying skills.”

“We are highly committed to accomplishing real results through real actions. I would like to appeal to the aviation industry to join our growing group of donors who provide monetary and tangible rewards for these highly proficient pilots. I am very optimistic that this group of IFR-rated pilots will grow and become a sort of 'aviation safety cult.' I hope that very soon we will be able to expand the list of potential rewards available to our Inner Marker Circle members,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, the President of the IMC Club International.

Besides the obvious safety benefits and the receipt of a special membership card, as an “Inner Marker” member pilots will also be automatically enrolled in a drawing for a Free annual subscription of the IFR Magazine, an IMC Club BrightLine Flight Bag and a $1000 Proficiency Scholarship to be awarded at the AirVenture in Oshkosh each year.

To qualify for the Inner Marker Circle and to be a member in good standing, a pilot will have to be a current IMC Club International member and meet the following criteria: has flown at least one instrument approach each month for six months prior to the application (in IMC, under simulated instrument conditions, or in a FAA Certified AATD Flight Simulator). Inner Marker Circle members then agree to fly one instrument approach per month for twelve months. “Inner Marker” Membership is renewable in January and July of each year and is free.

If you only maintain your standard FAA instrument currency and do not fly every month you can join what the IMC Club calls the “Outer Marker Circle” and qualify to win a free annual subscription to the IFR Magazine.

More information can be found at
Radek Wyrzykowski
125 Access Road, Hangar 10
Hangar 10
Norwood, MA 02062