Netwise Hosting Significantly Reduces Colocation Pricing at Its South London Data Centre

Netwise Hosting's acclaimed colocation packages are now the highest value offerings available in the capital, bringing true affordability to London's retail colocation marketplace.

London, United Kingdom, September 21, 2012 --( Netwise Hosting today announced a radical restructuring of its server colocation pricing model, repositioning their services as the single highest value retail colocation offering in the capital.

This comes just months after the launch of Netwise Hosting’s innovative Colocation Calculator, the UK’s first live colocation quotation service, allowing clients to generate real-time pricing based on their own unique specifications.

Ever the leaders and innovators of market change, Netwise Hosting have accurately identified an industry-wide transition period which has seen the retail colocation marketplace heavily agitated in the last 12 months, becoming one of the most highly competitive service sets in the hosting industry.

The dynamic firm has been able to fully leverage its privately owned London data centre to pull colocation prices down below the average for its class, all the while maintaining a world-class service relied upon by many large global organisations.

Matt Seaton, Senior Manager and leader of the marketing team at Netwise Hosting, shed light on the company’s decision to cut colocation prices;

“We have always garnered a lot of interest in the colocation marketplace. Whether it be our unique service sets, or our innovative approach to doing business in this industry, people seem to really sit up and take note of what we do here at Netwise. This is our biggest change yet, as we reposition ourselves as the highest value premium colocator in London - matching our existing position in the dedicated server market more closely.”

Netwise Hosting are now promoting full rack enclosures at just £699 per month until January 2013, with 8 amps of dual feed power, 16 APC remote reboot ports, 20Mbps of Committed Data Rate (CDR) bandwidth, and 16 IP addresses. Prices are expected to stabilise thereafter at £799 per month for full racks.

Half racks are now bundled with 4 amps of dual feed power, 8 APC remote reboot ports, 10Mbps of CDR bandwidth, and 8 IP addresses at £399 per month.

Quarter rack packages now come with 2 amps of dual feed power, 4 APC remote reboot ports, 5Mbps of CDR bandwidth and 4 IP addresses at just £199 per month.

The management team at Netwise Hosting began rigorous market reaction testing [with the new prices] in July and August, finally settling on the new figures in September. Matthew Butt, Managing Director at Netwise Hosting, gave comment on the new developments;

“The retail colocation market needed waking up - our new figures now put us in line with wholesale market prices, something yet unseen in the London colocation marketplace. Our new price-points place us right at the epicentre of demand for this type of service in the capital, and I have no doubt that we will reach capacity very quickly.”

Netwise Hosting have already reported a serious interest in new sites for the development of NH:DC2, a Tier III+ facility which is set to increase availability for the growing company by as much as 500%. It is hoped that this repositioning will rapidly accelerate the growth of Netwise Hosting, pushing forward the development of new data centre facilities considerably.

The new pricing is now live on the company website, with orders at the new rates effective immediately. Clients signing for 12+ months before December 31st 2012 will secure lifelong rates at £699 per month for full racks before prices settle thereafter at £799.
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