Contract Gurus - a New Business Providing Affordable Contract Review, Analysis, and Negotiation for Individuals, Startups, and Small Businesses - Launches Nationwide

Contract Gurus poised to make waves in the contract review industry by offering attorney-based contract review at an affordable price. They are committed to help individuals, startups, and small businesses make legal decisions that best protect their interests. To promote and support their industry, Contract Gurus is sponsoring a panel to improve federal entrepreneurship policy and has established a scholarship at UT Law.

Austin, TX, September 21, 2012 --( Contract Gurus (, the new leader in affordable, attorney-based contract review, analysis, and negotiation assistance, launched its services nationwide to help individuals, startups, and small businesses make legal decisions that best protect their interests when signing a contract or agreement. Contract Gurus employs a team of U.S. based, American Bar certified attorneys - all graduates from the top ten percent of law schools in the country - who eliminate the legalese in your contract so you get the terms, plain and simple. Then, they identify contract weaknesses and suggest changes that better protect your interests, and all for much less than traditional legal services.

“Contract Gurus creates a pleasant and easy way to translate contracts and legal agreements into plain English, capturing the critical information necessary for our clients to make informed and confident decisions,” said President and CEO, Mike Kiamanesh. “Our business focuses on helping people understand the intricacies and critical aspects of their legal agreements, so they can fully understand each and every term of the contract - whether it is in their best interest to sign the agreement, or whether modifications may be necessary. In short, our clients will never be surprised by the ‘fine-print’.”

“We want to open up legal information and contract assistance to as many individuals, families and businesses as possible, so they don’t ever have to enter into a legally binding agreement again with worry and/or lack of full understanding of what they are signing and how it could affect them, especially for something like financial inability or lack of a convenient option,” said Kiamanesh. “Contract Gurus solves both of those issues. Our sole focus on contract analysis and negotiation assistance, coupled with our exhaustive training and rigorous quality control, allows our clients to actually fair better than many other options out there—all with the benefit of it being at a fraction of the price of those other options.”

As Contract Gurus enters the national scene, they are already positioning themselves as an active supporter of national initiatives targeted to improve federal entrepreneurship policy and the startup business climate. Thus far, Contract Gurus has partnered with Austin Startup Week and the Austin Chamber of Commerce to create a panel entitled, “Tell Congress What It Takes to Startup Your Engines” – An open forum for startups and policy leaders to discuss the following issues before Congress:

· High-growth entrepreneurship issues like those found in the Start-up Act 2.0 by Senators Moran (R-KS), Warner (D-VA), Rubio (R-FL) and Coons (D-DE) (S.3217, H.R.5893)
· The creation of an R&D tax credit specifically for startups, many of which can’t access the traditional credit in key early years, in the Startup Act 2.0 and the focus of the recent Startup Innovation Credit Act by Senators Coons (D-DE) and Enzi (R-WY) (S.3460)

Streamlining these policy areas ultimately stimulates U.S. job creation by allowing startups like Contract Gurus to bring jobs back to the U.S. that are currently outsourced to foreign countries.

“With nearly 500 startups currently in the Austin area, it is the perfect place to host a discussion about how federal policies directly impact our startups’ ability to do business,” said Erika Sumner, Vice President of Public Policy, Austin Chamber of Commerce. “We are pleased to help create a medium for Austin area startups to tell their story to legislators making these polices.”

Aside from their activity to promote U.S. job creation, Contract Gurus values the superior legal education required to provide their services. That is why they established a scholarship at The University of Texas School of Law Master of Laws (L.L.M.) Program, an internationally recognized post-graduate law degree.

“Besides the reputation Austin has for its new business support and infrastructure, the main attraction is the level of talent Austin has to offer,” said Kiamanesh. “We are proud to say that many of the qualified attorneys we have hired are graduates from The University of Texas School of Law.”

“Not only are we delighted to know that many of our law graduates are newly employed by Contract Gurus, we are thrilled they created a scholarship to benefit our Masters of Laws Program,” said Tim Kubatzky, interim assistant dean for development at The University of Texas School of Law.

“Ultimately, Contract Gurus understands that most people can’t afford the normal ‘fees’ associated with traditional law firms,” concluded Kiamanesh. “Unless you’re lucky enough to have an attorney in the family, quality legal contract review can be out of reach. Our solution is to bridge that gap by providing affordable, first-rate contract and review services for individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs nationwide.”
Contract Gurus
Lara Hogan