How Are You Smart? PsychTests Research Emphasizes Importance of Nurturing Different Forms of Intelligence's latest research indicates that students who do well in school are more likely to cultivate multiple forms of intelligence.

Montreal, Canada, September 21, 2012 --(, a pioneer in online psychological assessments has released its newest study on multiple intelligences. Their research reveals that students who develop and strengthen different types of intelligence are more likely to excel in school.

Traditional definitions of intelligence can be limiting in terms of explaining cognitive ability. Howard Gardner, pioneer of the theory of multiple intelligences, believed that each individual has the potential to manifest varying levels of different intelligences, if the time and effort is taken to develop them - and the latest research by PsychTests reveals that it may be well worth the endeavor to do so.

Research conducted by PsychTests using their Multiple Intelligences & Learning Style Test indicates that students who perform in the top 5% excelled in six out of eight intelligence types, including Linguistic, Visual-Spatial, Musical (which tends to correlate very strongly with Visual-Spatial), Intrapersonal, and Naturalistic. The gap between top students and below average students was prominent in Logical-Mathematical intelligence, where the two groups were separated by a nine-point gap (76 vs. 67, on a scale from 0 to 100). Students with average grades excelled in Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence.

PsychTests statistics also reveal that nearly half (44%) of top-performing students frequently used 4 or more intelligence types (scores of 85 or more), 26% have 5 or more, and 15% have 6 or more, compared to 29%, 15%, and 7% respectively for below average students. Interestingly, both below average and top students indicated that they learn best through hands-on learning, and are very visually-oriented. This begs the question: If they share this preferred style of learning, why the large gap in performance?

"Our research seems to indicate that top students are more likely to nurture more than one intelligence type, while below average students may be focusing only on those they are best at," theorizes Dr. Ilona Jerabek, president of PsychTests. "Top students will strive to turn their weaknesses into strengths, and will take advantage of opportunities to develop their intellectual capacities in many different ways."

And results of the PsychTests study bear this theory out. For example, 48% of top students enjoy engaging in strategy games like chess, compared to 34% of below average students. 70% of top-performing students also read as a pastime.

"Given the opportunity to develop different forms of intelligence, teachers, parents, and students themselves may be surprised at the amazing things that can be accomplished," explains Dr. Jerabek."The best way for students to start their exploration of the different intelligence types is to find out where they stand now, and what presents a challenge for them. The Multiple Intelligences & Learning Style Test will do just that, and will also provide tips and down-to-earth advice to get started on the quest to better success in school and work," concludes Dr. Jerabek.

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