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Washington, DC, July 06, 2007 --( In less than 24 hours you or your company can be spam-free.

Coolcat Inc stops all spam, guaranteed with Sendio. Sendio’s I.C.E. Box is the best anti-spam device in the world. But don’t just take their word for it. Government Computer News (GCN), an independent publication that reviews more than 600 new products every year, calls our email appliance “the best of the best for 2006.” The magazine’s editors wrote: “This year, however, we found one product that not only was the best in its class, but one that might just be on the forefront of change for an entire industry.”

Coolcat Inc, an Independent Software Vendor and Managed Service Provider, now maps out for ISP’s how to utilize the Sendio platform to increase residual revenue from its current client base by selling the spam blocking service. Once some one tries it, they grantee they will love it. The profit base it two fold however. In addition to creating a service that has residual revenue it reduces the amount of network traffic returning bandwidth and reducing costs by eliminated the traffic associated with the Spam.

It’s not hard to see why GCN loved the I.C.E. Box: the publication used it to clean up its own email mess. According to the review:
This is the story of how a filtering appliance successfully stood up to more than a billion pieces of spam- and virus-laden e-mail. While other units buckled under this deluge, Sendio Inc.’s I.C.E. Box, which looks at spam in a completely different way, shot down 100 percent of the bad e-mail, generated no false positives and successfully delivered the good e-mail. It took on an army of bad guys and won.

Most corporate anti-spam solutions rely on filters and algorithms. Unfortunately, these products miss large numbers of unwanted emails - while mistakenly characterizing useful messages as spam. The Sendio I.C.E. Box (Intercept, Confirm or Eliminate), which seamlessly integrates with all enterprise messaging platforms, is capable of processing millions of messages a day per server and is the only enterprise-level tool that uses Sender Address Verification (SAV) (, which empowers users to accept messages based on who sent them. It also rejects viruses before they enter your server.

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In less than 24 hours your company can be spam-free with no false positives:
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