Lies in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Related Fields Exposed

“Truths are simple, cannot be disproven and there is clarity in it. Lies or half truths are complicated, can be disproven and are confusing,” say 24 DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Sacramento, CA, September 25, 2012 --( 24 DNA, a privately held company in Sacramento, California, is disclosing a Brochure on their website for anyone to download for free which exposed numerous scientific lies or myths. The Brochure highlights the new Standard Model of Elementary Particles that incorporates the newly discovered Higgs Boson, Gravity, Strings, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, a new postulated particle called Wang and 2 new Periodic Tables.

Ainuu Afamasaga said, “The law of Physics that applies to big objects also applies at the Quantum Level and vice versa as presented in our new Standard Model of Elementary Particles. In other words, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity also applies at the Quantum level of subatomic particles. The Protons and Neutrons in the nucleus are confined by geometrical particles called Wang that warped time and space inside the Atom. The various types of Electrons that orbits outside the nucleus are both confined by various five types of geometrical particles called Higgs Boson that also warped time and space inside an Atom. Electrostrong and Strong Nucleus Force glues the various Photons that creates Quarks and Mesons that forms the Protons and Neutrons. Electroweak Force holds the Photons that create the Electrons, Wangs and Higgs Bosons but its Gravity that keeps both geometrical particles of Wang and Higgs with their respective contents in place just like Gravity keeps all planets in their respective order. Electromagnetic Force holds together the 3 distinct types of Strings called Wave, Wavicle and Particle that forms 3 distinct Photons of Electric or Wave, Magnetic or Particle and Electromagnetic or Wavicle. What the above mean is that the current theories of Quantum Mechanics and Physics are incomplete or half truths.”

“In Chemistry, our 2 new Periodic Tables with 10 Periods, 5 Blocks, 50 groups and 218 Elements exposed many of the untruths currently taught. Each Element has 2 Atomic Numbers but has the same Atomic Mass. Each Atomic Number represents a Periodic Table that is governed by either an Electron or Proton being dominant. The properties of the 10 Periods, 5 Blocks and their Elements are predetermined by the type of Higgs Boson that is dominant. The dominant Higgs Boson dictates the type of Electron in its outer Shell as either an Electron or Electron Neutrino as in the s Block, Muon Neutrino in the f Block, Muon in the p Block, Tau Neutrino in the g Block and Tau in the d Block. It also predetermines if these Electrons or Protons on either Table are shared, donated or gained in a chemical reaction with certainty,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Ainuu Afamasaga said, "In Biology and Genetics, it’s taught that the discovered DNA is the Code of Life. This is not accurate! When Dolly the lamb was cloned, scientists fertilized the embryo and somatic cell by passing an electric shock in between them. The question for all of us is where was life at in this process? Was it in the embryo? In the somatic cell? In the electricity? It’s obvious that it was in the electricity and therefore, the Code of Life is in the Electricity or at the Photon. The DNA, the molecule of hereditary is just a Shell or Host of Life and not the Code of Life. The Code of Life is in these symbols ‘YHWH’ which represent major scientific discoveries. Get your Brochure now and discover scientific truths or pure science.”
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