New Corporate Chaplain Services for NYS & Western NE Executives and Professionals

Schenectady, NY, September 26, 2012 --( Paul P. Jesep, JD, MPS, MA founded Corporate Chaplaincy late this month in NY’s Capital District to address the growing spiritual health and wellness needs of executives and professionals throughout New York State and Western New England.

According to Jesep, “More businesses, corporations, and individual executives seek professional corporate chaplain services to address spiritual needs in their personal lives and on behalf of employees in the workplace.”

Jesep, an attorney who also graduated from a Christian seminary, underscores ‘spiritual’ need not mean a specific religion or denomination.

“The first time you hold your new born child or every time you are awed walking in the mountains or watching a sunset you’ve had a spiritual moment,” he said. “Spiritual is when time stands still and you connect to something deeper in yourself and larger than your self-interest. Today, spiritual health and wellness for executives and professionals is ignored, overlooked, or taken for granted. Yet these needs are as important as mental and physical wellbeing.”

“Healthy spirituality is not a luxury. It’s a necessity,” Jesep said, “especially during a climate of recession, ethics scandals, information and technology overload, and greater pressures to increase profits and market share. Executives, employees, and professionals need a safe zone, a trusted individual with whom to decompress and stay grounded while nurturing a renewed sense of self. A lost sense of self can lead to unhappiness, ethical missteps, disharmony in the family, and the empty pursuit of success for the sake of it.”

“Traditional venues like places of worship and weekly services are no longer satisfying the needs of most executives and professionals,” Jesep said. “Yet spiritual hunger has never been greater. Spiritual health and wellness services are a growing part of Employee Assistance Programs.”

He added, “Successful professionals realize ‘they’ve made it,’ yet find something missing in life. They’re still trying to find purpose and relevance despite meeting the modern definition of success. Working with a corporate chaplain helps the individual journey into answers. While working with employees, visiting corporate chaplains or those who are on staff help boost morale, increase productivity, and build company loyalty. Corporate chaplaincy is good for business and a healthy approach to personal wellbeing.”

Jesep earned degrees from Union College, Bangor Theological Seminary, Western New England University School of Law, and the Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University. He is an ordained priest and blogs on business ethics and spiritual health and wellness for professionals. Jesep is also author of Lost Sense of Self & the Ethics Crisis – Learn to Live and Work Ethically. It is available in print and on Kindle.

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