CBC Announces - ZCAM - Interactive Zip Code Activity Map Reporting Tool

Credit Bureau Connection’s latest release introduces a new tool called the Zip Code Activity Map or ZCAM. ZCAM is accessible from the eCredit Complete Reports menu and available to all users utilizing the eCredit software interface. The ZCAM tool utilizes pre-existing applicant and credit report data and creates a user configurable, interactive map (powered by Google Maps), allowing a quick view of where dealership traffic is coming from and average credit scores by zip code.

Fresno, CA, September 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The staff at CBC takes subscriber suggestions very seriously. Business Development Director, Jeff VanOrnam was recently quoted, “When customers speak, we listen. It really is that simple. It’s that forward thinking mentality that keeps us miles ahead of the competition in the automotive credit report and compliance business.”

The idea for ZCAM was born when a current CBC subscriber requested a simple zip code map telling him where his customers were coming from. He was planning to mail out a flyer advertising an End of Summer Blowout sale and wanted information on where he could best target his marketing. He didn't have time to do the analysis himself, so he looked into out sourcing the work, but that was too costly.

As a long time subscriber familiar with CBC's reputation for responsiveness and excellent service, he contacted CBC. After hearing the suggestion, CBC’s CTO, Frank Larsen, replied, “He just might be on to something. We have the relevant data, we have the technology, and we have the expertise"; and CBC's Zip Code Activity Map was born. Mr. Larsen went on to say, “If it's beneficial to our subscribers and it is programmatically possible, we will surely consider it.”

At the time of this press release, this unique Google Maps powered zip code activity tool is exclusive to CBC subscribers. Contact Credit Bureau Connection today for more information and to begin taking advantage of this great new feature.
Credit Bureau Connection
Jeff VanOrnam