Considering Real Estate Within a Resort? Start by Asking the Right Questions

To stand out in an increasingly competitive real estate market and serve their community, one New Hampshire real estate agency has made it its mission to provide more than just a list of available properties around Loon Mountain, Waterville Valley, and the stunning White Mountain region. Here, one of Alpine Lakes Real Estate's managing brokers shares his expertise about buying resort property, a subject that's become of increasing interest to his clients.

Campton, NH, July 07, 2007 --( With the summer vacation season well underway in the White Mountains, some families are having such a great time with their play time that they’ve started thinking about owning property in the area.

And for those who might be overwhelmed by the thought of choosing a home in a place they’ve never lived before and don’t live nearby now, or aren’t sure where or how to start the search, there’s an easier and highly attractive option available –resort communities.

“Going with a resort property is a great idea,” says Joe Macord, Manager Broker for Alpine Lakes Real Estate in Campton, NH for more than 20 years. “Buying a condo within a resort is one way to go, but it’s not the only way – buying raw land and building your own detached home is also a possibility.”

The road to resort property ownership can be very straightforward, according to Macord, who offered these basic steps:

1. Start with the Internet. “Use ‘resort’ as a search term along with words for the area you want to buy in, the kind of activities you like, or the type of property you want,” Macord suggests. “Use that to develop a list of resorts to explore further.”

2. Call your list of resorts, and ask them to send you their materials. “These days, none of us want to get hounded with emails and phone calls, so we’re suspicious of sharing contact information,” Macord notes. “With resort properties, you’ll be making a big investment, so you need to get as much information from them as possible – let them share it with you.”

Don’t be shy about giving out your information – or about asking them what they plan to do with it. “It’s in their financial interest to treat your information and time with respect,” Macord adds. “Ask them as much as you need to know to be comfortable.”

3. Define your goals. Do you want to live in the resort year round, or only vacation there? If you’re not there all the time, do you want to rent out the property? If you want to build your own home, will the resort company let you? “Talk about these options with the resort company,” says Macord. “You can cut down your list of resorts based on their answers and your needs.”

4. Narrow down the list of amenities. These days, the options are almost limitless. “Divide the amenities into ‘must-have,’ ‘nice-to-have,’ and ‘no-need-to-have,” says Macord. “Then pick your top 2-3 resorts.”

5. Visit the resorts. If you haven’t already done it, check out the scene in person. “Resorts are designed to be beautiful, but they’re all beautiful in different ways,” Macord notes. “Make sure what you’ve been seeing in the brochures and imagining in your mind is what you’ll be enjoying in reality.”

With these steps in mind, if you’re planning on vacationing at a resort community in the near future – or even if you’re reading this while staying at one now – get the jump on your research and check in with the resort office. It may be the start of a new vacation lifestyle for you.

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