HelpMe2Stop Encourages Salons to Participate in The National Trichotillomania Awareness Event October 1-7, 2012

Many sufferers, throughout their teen to adulthood lives, have never been to a salon. Hosting a HelpMe2Stop Red, Black and White event conveys to sufferers there's a place for them to go for haircuts and colors without being judged for their hairloss.

New York, NY, September 29, 2012 --( Although many probably haven’t heard of it, chances are Trichotillomania (a hair pulling disorder) secretly affects a close friend, perhaps a relative. Trichotillomania or Trich is the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair. Sufferers often feel alienated due to the lack of knowledge about this condition.

Salons are encouraged to participate in the HelpMe2Stop National Trichotillomania Awareness Event and host Red/White/Black themes which can be anywhere from:

• Dinner Parties

• Cut-a-thons

• Selling Wings of Hope (feather extensions or hair ornaments). Like hair, feathers symbolizes beauty, coverage and soaring to new heights. Wearing HelpMe2Stop Wings of Hope, honors silent sufferers symbolically through these red (represents pain), black (represents hidden secrets) and white (represents innocence) colors.

• To make the event even more successful salons are encourage to wear HelpMe2Stop Awareness T-Shirts, buttons and bandanas sold through

Event photos are sent to for Social Media Exposure and Donations through Paypal via or by sending a check to POB 202, Bartonsville PA 18321

Charlene Blacer a hair health and growth expert and entrepreneur, founded, dedicated to providing recovery assistance for sufferers through beauty. Trichotillomania, known simply as ‘Trich’, is the official term for a behavioral compulsion in which the affected pull their hair to breakage.

Blacer explains: “I saw how for those who’ve experienced hair loss through medical treatments like chemotherapy or gastric bypass surgery, insurance coverage is possible to help pay for expenses – including cranial hair prosthesis. But not for Trichotillomania Sufferers.”

A direct observer to the positive life changes that happen through hair augmentation and regrowth, Blacer recognized the opportunity to make a difference with it on a larger scale – by using it to help children in financially disadvantaged situations. This is the segment of trichsters who lose out the most and get stuck attempting recovery sans professional assistance.

HelpMe2Stop’s Mission is to

•Raise awareness of Trichotillomania with the general and professional public on a national and global basis.

•Act as a liaison between the ‘trich’ community and key product/service providers.

•Educate salons, wellness professionals and treatment centers, etc.

•Support sufferers as well as salon and wellness professionals

•Empower through social media, contests, fundraisers, etc.

•Encourage corporations

•Impact millions of lives

HelpMe2Stop is a Non-Profit Organization that endeavors to make a difference so no child/young adult has to grow up feeling insecure, ostracized, and alienated and judged for their appearance. For more information visit
Charlene Blacer