Overland Park Auto Detailing Company Now Offering Mobile Paint Touch Up Services

Car detailing in Overland Park, KS just got better with KC Detailing’s new mobile paint touch up services. Residents no longer have to take time out of their busy days to have their car detailed, scratches removed and rock chips repaired.

Overland Park, KS, September 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Paint touch up has gone mobile in Overland Park, KS and residents are abuzz. You may be one of the many who simultaneously experience the joy of a freshly detailed car and the pain of scratches and rock chips now sticking out like a sore thumb. In a busy city famous for their love of cars the Overland Park auto detailing company KC Detailing is now offering fully mobile paint touch up and scratch repair services.

Company administrator Isaac Anderson comments on the natural progression of offering mobile detailing services and now paint touch up, “One comment we always heard from our Overland Park car detailing customers once we finished a job was, ‘now that it’s clean I can see all the scratches.’ So quite naturally we asked ourselves ‘why not start offering mobile paint touch up?’ It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it’s turned out to be a great one.”

Historically paint touch up has been offered at car detailing shops, body shops and dealerships. With KC Detailing’s lucrative offer of not having to take time out of a busy day being highly appealing to Overland Park residents, mobile paint touch up business has boomed for this car detailing company.

KC Detailing has found that touch up is a perfect fit for many of their Overland Park auto detailing clients. They’ve observed that often after their clients have spent a couple hundred dollars on detailing their Mercedes, Ferrari or Lexus the relatively small price to do touch up is more than worth it to bring their exterior to the next level. Not to mention that compared to a $500 invoice for repainting and blending a panel, touch up is a great option.

There may be some do-it-yourself’s out there who prefer the challenge of the one color paint match with a brush. Owner and founder Tim Dodd grins and says, “Touch up has been around for years. Lots of people like to do it themselves. The thing is most people don’t have the equipment to do a really good job. For example, brushes won’t give you precision - they’ll give you globs. What about a good color match? Almost every color will need to be a mixture. But even more than that your average person doesn’t have the chemicals to make the paint level out nicely and even. We do.”

Embracing their company motto “from Fords to Ferraris” KC Detailing is up for the challenge of making cars look beautiful again. Overland Park auto owners can say good bye to rock chips, road rash and scratches. Visit http://www.kcdetailing.com for more information on KC Detailing’s paint touch up and auto detailing services.
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