NephCure Foundation Holds Main Line Recycle and Re-Cell Drive

The NephCure Foundation, a suburban Philadelphia-based, non-profit organization seeking a cause and cure for Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS, is hosting a recycling program for the duration of the summer. Residents can drop off spare cell phones and used ink cartridges. Save the environment while benefiting a worthy cause.

Philadelphia, PA, July 08, 2007 --( With international focus shifting to Live Earth and global warming campaigns, the NephCure Foundation is taking it a step further, encouraging residents on the Main Line to do their share. Donation boxes for spare cell phones and used ink cartridges have been placed in local retailers, office parks and community locations. The Berwyn Post Office and the Valley Creek Corporate Center are two of many local participants supporting this recycling initiative. Collected cell phones and ink cartridges will be recycled according to EPA guidelines to help protect our environment. Donations are tax deductible based on the fair market value.

Nephcure has a goal to collect 10,000 cell phones starting in July and ending in September. Nearly 200 million wireless phones lay idle across the United States. Over 400 million empty ink cartridges are thrown into landfill each year.

According to “Electronic waste is the most quickly growing waste concern worldwide. The average life span of a cell phone is only eighteen months. Nationwide, it is estimated that only 1% of retired cell phones are recycled or reused. The remainder litter closets, drawers, and unfortunately landfills. Cell phone recycling has even become a requirement in some states and counties. California has enacted legislation that requires retailers to accept obsolete and retired wireless handsets from consumers at no charge. In addition, New York also has legislation that requires wireless telephone service suppliers to accept obsolete and retired cell phones at no charge to the consumer.”

Proceeds benefit The NephCure Foundation which is the only organization devoted to seeking a cause and cure for FSGS and Nephrotic syndrome, two potentially devastating kidney conditions that affect the kidney’s filtration and can lead to kidney failure.

Local resident Melanie Stewart, a 19 year old college student attending West Chester University has FSGS. She works closely with NephCure to help raise awareness as well promote the Phone Drive. Melanie’s mentality is that “you do not need to do much” to start getting involved. She has already reached out to neighbors, and other Main Line residents to participate. The program is simple and anyone can help by dropping off cell phones or ink cartridge at any participating retailer of Main Line Recycle and Re-Cell Drive. Collection Boxes will be displayed starting in July at retailers from Paoli to Narberth. Donated cell phones have the potential to generate up to $15 per phone based on the phone's maturity and technology. Printer cartridges usually generate around $1 to $2 per cartridge.

Local retailers, office parks and others are encouraged to participate by placing a donation box in their location. For more information on how to get involved and to find a nearby drop-off location, contact Miriam Long at (610) 540-0186 ext. 10 or e-mail

NephCure Foundation
Matt Brehm