Aegis Dei, an OSHA Compliance, Public Health/Private Sector WMD Safety Training Firm Opens in Memphis

Aegis Dei specializes in OSHA Compliance Training, Vulnerability Assessment, Corporate WMD Training, WMD Mitigation, & Disaster Response. It will also offer CPR & First Aid Training. Aegis will serve companies based in West Tennessee and beyond.

Memphis, TN, September 29, 2012 --( Aegis Dei, a training firm founded by Leland Hopkins, a 23 year veteran of the Memphis Fire Department Special Operations section & a founding member of Tennessee Task Force One – one of 28 federally funded FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Teams, announces its official opening. Aegis Dei will offer world-class training to facilities, focusing in the Tri-State area first. As Aegis Founder and Teaching Principal, Hopkins holds an adamant attitude in re-establishing “classroom based” OSHA Compliance and Public Safety training to the private sector.

With the onset of the ever popular “virtual training” model, Hopkins believes that the quality of the training has resulted in mediocre retention levels – creating safety hazards, lack of preparedness, and less-than well trained employees. Says Hopkins, “In recent years, virtual training became popular when reduced operating budgets limited opportunities for employees to travel & train off-site. Work cycles have also become so tight that employees cannot leave their worksite for days at a time, like they used to. The result? Employees who aren’t trained well as they used to be.” Aegis Dei offers the same training, often federally mandated for facilities, that is affordable and delivered in a classroom setting. With a plethora of knowledge, training, certifications & most importantly - extensive experience, Aegis Dei instructors will “Bring the classroom to you,” as stated on the firm’s website,

Aegis Dei is dedicated to working alongside each potential client. The goal is to create an ongoing & lasting training partnership. Curriculum will be designed per client needs – resulting in affordable, needs-based training. This is all in an effort to meet the Aegis Dei vision of a safe and secure private infrastructure. According to Hopkins, “Aegis is committed to sustaining strong training partnerships, emphasizing preparedness, timely response, and rapid recovery as the building blocks of occupational safety education.”

“What sets Aegis Dei apart from other training firms like it,” says Bree Harris, Vice President of Marketing, “is the extreme dedication to deliver retainable, hands-on employee education back to its rightful place; A classroom. Virtual training will save a dollar in the short term. It will, however, potentially impact the safety conditions of the firms that put their faith in that platform. It is my view, that saving a dollar in the short-term will affect long-term sustainable productivity, efficiency, & profitability. We at Aegis want to change that for our clients. We want them to do more than just maintain – we want them to be a cut-above & out-perform their competitors in both local & global economies. What better way to do that than investing in the workforce on whom they depend?”

If you are the head of a facility, organization, or industry leader that needs the training offered by Aegis Dei – classes are now being scheduled. Visit, call 901.881.5076, or E-mail for more information.
Aegis Dei, LLC
Bree Harris