Celebrity- Fan Experiences by Phone

New Entertainment Fan Club Connects Famous People to Large Groups of Fans by Live Teleconference

Lansdowne, PA, July 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Barbara Bamba, a fan loyalty marketing consultant for celebrities and entertainers creates some of the more unusual fan experiences everyday. She specializes in turning PR, promotional marketing and fundraising campaigns into "telephonic" fan loyalty events that she calls @sk The Icon Fan Experiences.

"What we're doing," Bamba says, "is revolutionizing the ability of fans to interact with their favorite entertainment idols in a more direct and "intimate" way. Likewise, we're giving the entertainer a way to extend his/her impact and the entertainment experience beyond the scope of TV, radio and traditional venues."

Bamba launches her fan experiences from her new website: www.asktheicon.com, a.k.a. Hollywood's Telephonic Fan Club.

In part-one of Bamba's fan experience fans get the chance to submit questions to their favorite entertainer through an online survey that Bamba creates and host on her website http://asktheicon.com.

Celebs and entertainers use Bamba's "social-promotion" forum to generate buzz around a variety of hot topics relative to their:

* Latest projects
* Upcoming events
* Supported causes and charities
* Personal passions, interests, hobbies and affinities
* Favorite foods, fashions, people, places and things
* Career inspirations, aspirations
* Life struggles, setbacks, etc...

In part two, she connects the talent to a large-groups of fans by phone using teleconference technology. After submitting questions to the survey, hundreds of fans get the chance to register for a live telephone interview with the celebrity, where they get direct feedback to the top 10 questions from the survey.

The beauty of Bamba's @sk The Icon Fan Experiences is that no travel, live appearances or technical knowledge is required on the part of the entertainer. Bamba's clients get to call-in from almost any geographic location in the world using a land-line telephone, just as they would for any other promotional radio interview-- providing a tremendous leverage of his or her time and effort.

Bamba's teleconference production team does all the heavy lifting- orchestrating each campaign from concept to completion. And with each teleconference call being recorded and transcribed into a variety of digital media formats, Bamba monetizes and repurposes the content of each event to create digital fan memorabilia, spin-off products and programs that she publishes and sells on the backend of each campaign.

Bamba is currently booking A, B & C-List talent to guest appear in her new forum. To book your client for a @sk The Icon Fan Experience or for press interviews call: (888) 823-4440.

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