The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association (CT REIA) Announces October 2012 Meeting with Zack Childress

On October 15, 2012 the Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association (CT REIA) will be hosting its monthly meeting with low-risk, low-cost real estate investing expert Zack Childress.

West Hartford, CT, October 03, 2012 --( The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CT REIA, in association with Zack Childress is announcing its October 2012 monthly meeting. This event will take place on from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm on October 15, 2012. This event will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located at 100 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early for networking opportunities.

Zack Childress is a real estate wholesaling and business automation expert. He has devised a system on automating the real estate marketing process. He has also discovered six ways to wholesale real estate and profit from every lead generated. Attendees of this event will learn: new technology Zack is using in his office; why wholesaling real estate the old way does not work anymore; what his office looks like; how marketing automation can help with all real estate investing strategies; why no money down strategies can be the most effective way to buy; and much more.

With no major education or experience Zack Childress went on to create systems through automation that allowed him to generate five figures a month in positive cash flow. He still buys and sells real estate today in this market using those same systems. He invests in 6 different markets across the U.S. using his virtual investing strategies. Zack Childress has been coaching students all over the United States for over five years, including some of the biggest name real estate investors in the market. He has a widely diverse business background and is a highly successful real estate investor and business developer. Zack has an Investment company that has been successfully operating for over 7 years, a funding company for over 4 years, and a wholesaling business for over 7 years.

CT REIA is an organization that provides motivation, networking opportunities, and up-to-date education for people who want to buy homes or investment properties. Each month nationally recognized real estate investing trainers hold seminars at CT REIA. Real estate professionals, investors, landlords, property managers, realtors, contractors, wholesalers, rehabbers, and the general public are invited to attend our meetings. For more information on this and other real estate investing seminars from CT REIA, please call (860) 265-4414 or visit
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