Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Presents Italian University Preparation Courses in Milan and Rome

Preparatory course to enter Italian universities is an effective course offered by Leonardo da Vinci School in Milan and Rome.

Florence, Italy, October 04, 2012 --( Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Milan and Rome offers a specific course that prepares foreign students to enter Italian universities, in particular to those universities which require an admission test.

The most demanded ones are medical and architectural preparatory studies, right because students need to pass an entry exam focused on different specific subjects.

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci university preparatory course foresees seven stages, from the absolute beginning level of Italian to the advanced one. The first six courses are dedicated to improve the Italian language knowledge. According to his/her initial level of Italian language, a student can decide which course to undertake.

The seventh stage represents the academic one, and it is during this one month course that students learn the specific topics that will be required in the entry test. For medical studies, students will focus on chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics and general culture. For architecture, the course foresees mathematics, physics, logic, history of art and architecture, drawing and general culture.

Specific lessons are in total 140 and are held by expert teachers who work or teach in specific fields or interest. At Scuola Leonardo da Vinci centres in Milan and Rome, it is also possible to attend the university preparation courses in English language.

These specific programs are dedicated to those students who are planning to take the admission exam in English and are enrolling to specific medicine or architecture degree programs in English.

Both Italian and English track university preparation programs are held in summer between July and August.

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