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New Trend Saves Homeowners Thousands When Selling

St. Davids, PA, October 04, 2012 --( A pre-sale inspection report is a valuable tool for helping sellers go to closing without turning over thousands of dollars or more for repairs to a buyer. A pre-sale inspection completed before showings begin also provides the seller with the option of fixing the issues even before the buyer sees the home, making the problems a non issue.

Despite the benefits of pre-sale inspection reports, many sellers still don’t get them. Some are not aware that these types of inspections are available, while others don’t want to pay the high fees associated with them. Brett Furman, an experienced real estate agent, hopes to change that by offering pre-sale inspection reports to sellers that work with him at a reduced rate.

“I believe that the pre-sale home inspection is the single most important step before getting ready to show your home to buyers. This is a trend that is coming,” notes Brett Furman. Armed with six years of data on the success of pre-sale inspections from his clients, he can confidently state he saves his seller clients thousands of dollars by listing with him.

Furman has set trends before. Back in 1994 he was one of the first agents in the suburban Philadelphia market to become a buyer's agent. Other Brokers & Realtors looked down on him for making this choice, since back then the seller was the main focus. But Furman found success in the ‘new’ niche, since buyers liked the idea of having a realtor negotiate better terms and prices just for them. Today buyer agents are utilized almost 99% of the time in the real estate transaction involving two real estate companies.

Years later, Furman decided to set trends for his sellers by recommending the pre-sale inspection reports. In the six plus years he has done this, he has found that pre-sale inspection benefit both buyers and sellers. For sellers, the benefit involves saving thousands of dollars. It also eliminates the need for back end negotiations which typically are deal killers. But for buyers, pre-sale inspection reports show that a seller is making a complete disclosure on the condition of the home. Seeing this helps increase a buyer’s confidence level in the home. Furman's prediction is that the trend towards pre-sale home inspections will accelerate as more sellers get frustrated turning over thousands of dollars to buyers from their post sale home inspections.

Homeowners can take advantage of the Pre Sale Inspection by calling Brett Furman at 610-687-6060, or e-mailing
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