LGCEX Adds New Service via Emailed Free Market updates on Global Forex, Futures and Stocks

LGCEX, a premier trading service provider of commodity futures, hedge funds, managed futures and sensible market education through market commentaries and analysis, added new service via free emailed market updates on global forex, futures and stocks to keep abreast of the progressively changing trends in the global markets.

London, United Kingdom, October 05, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The new service covers updates for European, Asian and entire US market participants. Each market designation has a particular piece that can be supplied up to four times each day which also includes daily and weekly wrap ups.

Any active client interested of the new service can simply sign up for free emailed market updates by clicking free market updates on the Free Information Request Form. The request form can be found at the main page of the firm’s website.

These market updates are regularly produced by London Gold and Commodities Exchange’s professional analysts. These updates aimed at providing traders and investors with useful insights into the daily trading performance in global market industry at important stage during trading hours.

Those who are interested to subscribe to the new free market updates will also be provided with weekly wrap-up every weekend. The weekly wrap-up report will bring together the market activities that happened for the previous week in a perceptive manner, offering clients with in-depth trading analysis of the events of the week.

This new trading service is expected to augment the profitability of the investment activity of every trader. At present, thousands of visitors have already signed up to avail this free emailed market update. Mr. James Elka, London Gold and Commodities Exchange’s Senior Sales and Marketing Strategist and the main proponent of the new service said: "By offering our clients with free market updates, we are hoping to assist both new and experienced traders with a trading tool that will keep them abreast of the latest information concerning the global activities in the commodity futures market industry."
Kevin Alden