MagiXcan Makes Computers Run 10x Faster, or More

Aros Magic's magiXcan ushers in a new era in computing by decoding digital media extremely fast using parallel processing technology.

Kenmore, WA, October 06, 2012 --( Aros Magic announced the release of its magiXcan™ parallel processing technology, which enables the fastest and most energy-efficient way of consuming digital media ever conceived.

“I invented magiXcan because photos taken on a typical digital camera were taking a long time to load even on a high-end quad-core computer. It was quite frustrating. So I figured out how to decode images really fast by making use of all the cores in a modern CPU,” said Arun Sagar, founder of Aros Magic. “Having done that, I realized that the same techniques can be used to speed up most digital media decoding tasks that we do on our computers. This can lead to faster-running and more energy-efficient computers, in direct proportion to the number of cores available.”

The Aros Magic Viewer3 beta (for Windows) showcases the application of the patent-pending magiXcan technology to the fast processing of photos in JPEG format as the revolutionary technology’s first licensee, and is available for immediate download from

To extend the scope of magiXcan so that it can cover a wide variety media formats and operating systems — thereby creating much faster and more energy-efficient computers — Aros Magic is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo entitled “magiXcan: Imagine computers 10X faster. 100X? More!” (

Founded in 1996, Aros Magic is appreciated the world over for its extremely fast, beautiful, and fun software. The company offers a wide range of products and services driven by the desire to build magical technologies the likes of which have never been experienced before, but which will make their users extremely happy.
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