Revolutionary Reverse Print Pressure Sensitive Labels for Material Reduction and Enhanced Performance

Neenah, WI, October 06, 2012 --( Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions has developed an innovative pressure sensitive labeling solution that expands the MICROLINER® thin label solution into new applications. Reverse print MICROLINER® RVP technology allows them to print on the underside of the facestock – eliminating the need for protective varnishes or costly overlams while improving the durability of labels currently being surface printed. Overlams are commonly used to protect the label ink on products in refrigerated, wet, abrasive, or high impact applications such as beverage, dairy, produce and shower products. The MICROLINER® RVP technology completely protects the label ink from these challenging conditions. Combine this with MICROLINER®’s proven benefits, and you have a truly revolutionary pressure sensitive solution.

MICROLINER® labels utilize a robust, down gauged film liner and a reversed label die-cutting process that reduces your material costs while improving operational efficiencies on your current label application equipment. Because MICROLINER® technology utilizes a thinner and stronger liner, 30% or more labels can fit on a single roll, which translates into longer run time between roll changes, less operational downtime for changeovers, higher average run speeds, less waste, and lower shipping costs. In situations where overlams are currently being used, changing to a MICROLINER®RVP Reverse Print process can result in 100% more labels on a roll with a significant material and cost savings.

“This new evolution of the MICROLINER® process expands our reach into new pressure sensitive label markets. By applying the ink to the underside of the facestock, Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions eliminates the need for varnishes or overlams that protect the label,” says Kevin Hayes, Executive VP of Sales and Market Development. “The ink is protected by the facestock which gives the label a superior performance in the marketplace while reducing wastes. Our customers are excited about the sustainability benefits of less material and waste in addition to the operational benefits that come with 100% more labels on a roll.”

MICROLINER® RVP Reverse Print Benefits:
· Eliminates the need for overlams or varnishes
· Reduces material usage
· Reduces waste
· Reduces transportation and inventory
· Up to 100% more labels on a roll
· Protects the ink from fading and scratching
· Sustainable solution with up to 75% less liner waste

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With an experienced and established process, Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions has produced billions MICROLINER® labels for many customers including Fortune 100 companies. In fact, Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions has been providing printing and packaging solutions for over 35 years. Founded in 1977, the Neenah, WI based company has found unique ways to thrive and diversify its packaging operations. “Outlook Group’s goal is to find solutions for our customers,” says CEO, John Cappy. “We understand customers are looking for strategic partners that can take the complexity out of their packaging needs and provide unique and customized solutions for their supply chain. Whether customers need labels, shrink sleeves, folding cartons, flexible packaging, direct mail, fulfillment, contract packaging, or all of those services, they can find it at Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions.”

While MICROLINER® RVP is Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solution’s latest entry into innovative packaging, it is clear that innovative thinking and customers focused solutions are at the heart of what Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions is all about. A Clean Room, ISO 13485 certification for medical packaging, G7 Master Printer certification, and AIB recognition for food contact packaging safety are just a few of the certifications Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions holds. Outlook Group Packaging and Printing Solution’s passion for efficiency and innovation are evident in the unique solutions they create for their partners.

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