Mainstream MMA Announces Expansion/Growth Plans

Mainstream Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), LLC officially announces plans to begin immediate expansion and growth plans to larger metro markets throughout the Midwest United States and beyond as it ramps up to bringing its professional MMA events to the national level. Other highlights include Mainstream MMA's television network coverage of its professional MMA events through Mediacom Cable and Fox Sports Net-Florida.

Cedar Rapids, IA, July 10, 2007 --( Mainstream Mixed Martial Arts, in conjunction with Mediacom Cable and OnMedia have now expanded event promotions and television coverage of the nation’s fastest-growing sport, “ultimate fighting,” to many cities throughout the Midwest United States due to fast-growing popularity and overwhelming demand for the sport.

Mainstream Mixed Martial Arts has initiated plans to expand its MMA sporting event coverage to cities across the entire Midwest United States region due to a surge in demand by the public, beginning in Dubuque, Iowa at the Five Flags Civic Center on July 14, 2007. Other cities in Iowa soon to be visited include Ottumwa, Iowa City/Coralville, and Cedar Rapids, to name a few. Outside the state of Iowa, Omaha, Nebraska and larger metro areas in Missouri are also being discussed.

Since Mainstream MMA was founded in 2005 by President Bryan Bresler. For the first two years, operations were limited solely to Cedar Rapids venues. Now Mainstream MMA is showcasing the best professional fighters hailing from all reaches of the Midwest and beyond on a much larger scale… with athletes from camps such as the world-renowned Milletich Fighting Systems (MFS) camp, Team Hard Drive, Hybrid Faction, The Roberts War Party, Ill Breed, Team Lethal and many more.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport in which competitors use integrated forms of fighting, including jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, Tae-Kwon-Do, wrestling, kickboxing and others to overcome their opponent in a sanctioned and professionally supervised match. Competitors are allowed to use all martial techniques to end the contest within the limits of the Mainstream MMA rules. All matches are held under strict guidelines and are closely monitored by trained referees and doctors to ensure safety at all times. Drug and/or alcohol use is strictly prohibited by all competitors at Mainstream MMA events.

MMA’s rising popularity is not limited to the United States alone. According to SpikeTV’s programming executive Kevin Kay, “There’s a big business opportunity. Everyone wants to get in the game.” SpikeTV was the first cable television network to showcase the sport in its programming with “The Ultimate Fighter.” SpikeTV literally doubled viewer ratings over-and-above any other cable network on Tuesday nights after the show began. Other advocates include Washington Times’ columnist Thom Loverro, stating “Something is happening here, and what it is should be exactly clear: mixed martial arts is taking off like wildfire…!” This claim is no exaggeration, with pay-per-view sales currently outselling those of boxing 10 to 1.

Mainstream MMA’s mission is “To provide the best mixed martial arts entertainment to every enthusiast and fan, while simultaneously catering to the needs of the fighters and other key players in the fight-sports industry by offering the most spectacular and effective medium through which to promote MMA to the world.”

After only two short years, Mainstream MMA has consistently delivered what they proclaim in their mission statement, currently reaching over 500,000 homes through Mediacom Cable in Iowa alone, and reaching over 6 million homes each time Mainstream MMA’s fights are broadcast on Fox Sports Net Florida (SunSportsTV), with an additional 1 million viewers viewing their events via satellite nationwide.

With many major sponsors such as Cumulus Broadcasting, Budweiser and Monster Energy Drink, and the U.S. Army on board, it appears that Mainstream MMA is a major player in the Midwest thus far… and the sky is the only limit according to the company’s executive team.

Fore more information about Mainstream MMA’s organization, events, or sponsorships, contact Jason Stoneking, Director of Marketing at 319-241-9722, or via email at More information is also available on the organization’s website at

Mainstream Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), LLC
Jason Stoneking, Director of Marketing