Prize Giveaway: New Gluten-Free, Food Allergy-Friendly Mixes

Clyde, KS, July 11, 2007 --( A new specialty food manufacturer has burst onto the scene, proclaiming, "Gluten-Free is not a luxury… We just make it taste like one." They have arrived not a moment too soon, as gluten-free and other “free-from” diets are no longer considered a passing fad; they are a lifelong necessity for millions of people.

With three generations of Celiacs to serve, the founders of Gluten-Free Essentials are dedicated to helping those on a gluten-free diet live a healthy, happy and normal life. Of course, they are all too aware of autistic (GF/CF), food allergy, and food intolerance needs also. Every product in the extensive Gluten-Free Essentials line-up is all natural, vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and of course gluten-free.

Leaving virtually no stone unturned, the Gluten-Free Essentials product line includes 16 baking mixes, 5 quick-cooking rice mixes, and their newest line of 6 Speedy-Bake mixes for kids. Each Speedy-Bake package sports colorful pictures and directions for preparing in an easy-bake oven, along with the full-size oven directions. Though the fun graphics and kid-friendly directions suit the primary target audience, less populous households without kids will enjoy the smaller sizing of these mixes (making a more convenient amount for one or two people) and the correspondingly lower price.

While each of the 27 mixes is available to purchase directly from, you can enter to win your own gluten-free “starter kit” at

Register for the free Go Dairy Free e-newsletter and receive your chance to win a Smart-Starts gift box from Gluten-Free Essentials. The package, which retails on their website for $50.00, will include their five Assorted Rice Side Dishes, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Decadent Fudge Brownie Mix, Yellow Velvet Cake Mix, Spice Cake & Muffin Mix, Meatloaf Starter Mix, Seasoned Breading Mix, All Purpose Baking Mix, and Pancake & Waffle Mix. offers a different prize each month to newsletter subscribers. The winner of the Gluten-Free Essentials July giveaway will be selected during the week of July 22nd. Go Dairy Free is an informational website for dairy-free consumers, vegans, special dieters, and anyone interested in a healthy, natural food lifestyle.

About the Company:

Gluten-Free Essentials mixes are made in a dedicated gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free facility. Their products are also egg-free (suitable for egg replacers in preparation) and for the most part soy-free, with just a few mixes containing soy lecithin. Beyond the directions on each package, the staff members at Gluten-Free Essentials are continuously trialing inventive recipes and uses for their products, which offer outstanding versatility.

Product reviews for most of the Gluten-Free Essentials products are available to read at

Visit the Gluten-Free Essentials website to purchase and learn more about their products:

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