Non-Profits Get Support

To show their support of non-profit groups efforts, Outta Inc has announced that it will provide a 10% break on pricing as well offer a fundraising solution to help the cause.

Corpus Christi, TX, July 12, 2007 --( The Corpus Christi, TX supplier of printer inks and office supplies, Outta Inc, announces that it will be contributing to the overall good of our society by offering two solutions to Non-Profit groups.

Bruce Aquilina, VP of Operations states, "Funding for any business has become incredibly difficult, even with the help of the Small Business Administration. Many of these non-profit groups are helping our communities in miraculous ways and we have established a fundraiser for these firms."

The fundraiser is the first of the two solutions referenced. Outta Inc will provide non-profit organizations with collection bins, printed flyers, and pre-paid postage to collect empty inkjet and toner cartridges. Outta Inc will then make a contribution to these organizations for the amount of empties they collect. According to Mr. Aquilina, the amount the fundraisers can earn is amazing and can cure a lot of the fundraising needs within an organization.

The second solution addresses budget issues within these organizations. Many organizations face tough decisions when it comes to what will be covered. "In working with many non-profit organizations, I have seen volunteers pay out of pocket for consumables needs", states Mr. Aquilina. He further states. "Because of this issue, we have decided to offer non-profits an additional 10% off our normal catalog price for our products and services."

In closing, it's great to see business lend a hand to the non-profit organizations. For more information please visit or call 361.288.2220.

Outta Inc
Bruce Aquilina