The Ballet Physique Begins Production on New Barre Fitness Workout DVD Series

Ballet-Trained Fitness Instructors Prove You Don’t Have to be a Dancer to Look Like One in The Ballet Physique DVD Collection Set for Release in December 2012

Littleton, CO, October 10, 2012 --( The Ballet Physique today announced the production of The Ballet Physique DVD Collection, the first workout series to feature the studio’s unique barre fitness method that fuses precision-based strength training with foundations of classical ballet to rapidly transform the entire body. The two-disc set is slated for release in December 2012.

The Ballet Physique DVD Collection is suitable for every fitness level and features two distinct routines. These full-body workouts are designed to melt fat, blast calories, define your midsection, and awaken muscles you never knew existed. The Ballet Physique’s ballet-trained and certified fitness instructors provide detailed cues and modifications that allow you to tailor each exercise to your level. The results will prove that you don't have to be a dancer to look like one.

The Ballet Physique method was created by nationally certified fitness instructor, dancer, and entrepreneur Kristen Zurek. She discovered barre fitness while living in New York City and later conceived the unique fitness regime, which fuses the barre fitness concept with the foundations of classical ballet. Zurek opened The Ballet Physique Fitness Studio in August 2010. It is the first independently-owned barre fitness studio in the Denver region.

“I created The Ballet Physique barre fitness method to prove that you can get the toned, lithe figure of a dancer without having to be one,” said Zurek. “We’ve seen many of our studio clients achieve beautifully lean and sculpted bodies and gain confidence, energy and grace through our workouts. I wanted to produce our DVD Collection for people who aren’t able to take our studio classes and provide everyone with affordable access to our unique and transforming workouts.”

The two distinct routines featured in The Ballet Physique DVD Collection are:
· Signature Sculpt - a 60-minute dynamo workout that concentrates on toning the muscles using lighter weights, intense exercise sequences, and ballet-inspired positions. It's a program formulated to help develop a lean, graceful body.
· Amped Up - a 45-minute express class, focusing on building strength and boosting the metabolism through the use of heavier weights and fast-paced exercises. It's the perfect workout to maximize calorie burn when you're in a time crunch.

The Ballet Physique DVD Collection, which includes both Signature Sculpt and Amped Up DVDs and a complimentary exercise ball, retails for $34.95. Each DVD will retail individually for $19.95.

Denver-based production company, Wright Brother Films, is producing the fitness series. For more information, visit, or follow on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube.

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The Ballet Physique® is an inspired barre fitness method designed to help its students attain the lean, lithe figure of a ballerina. The Ballet Physique Fitness Studio is the first independently-owned barre fitness studio in the Denver region. The studio’s uniquely challenging group fitness classes - based around a ballet barre - combine elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, Pilates and a touch of classical ballet. For more information, visit
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