Sarasota the USA's Number 1 Retirement Destination

Yet again Sarasota tops the bill as one of the most desirable property investment destinations in the US. Previously identified as one of the best places to get deals on Real Estate and hailed as Florida's culture capital - Sarasota is now also the top retirement destination.

Sarasota, FL, October 10, 2012 --( This week Sarasota was identified as the top retirement destination in the United States by John Brady of Mr Brady's analysis takes into account several factors, including weather, health care access, property tax and “wow” factor. Not surprisingly Sarasota topped the bill.

Florida as a whole has always been a popular choice with retirees, but it seems Sarasota – the cultural capital of the state – has the most to offer older Americans. Other benefits to living in Sarasota identified by the research included the economics: with median home prices around $130,000 and no income tax, retirement in Sarasota is certainly attractive on a the financial level.

Lee Mirman, a Sarasota Realtor with Investments in Sarasota commented on the findings: “I'm not at all surprised Mr Brady considers Sarasota the top retirement destination in the country. This really is an incredible place to live whether you're a retiree or not. We’re seeing so many people every day moving to Sarasota, or investing in property here, for exactly the reasons he identifies. The wonderful lifestyle opportunities in Sarasota are manifold.”

And when it comes to “wow” factor, there is one area in which Sarasota really stands out. As is clear to most of the lucky people already enjoying Sarasota lifestyle, the city's location is hard to beat. Surrounded by water, with some of the country's best beaches, and an amazing array of easily accessible national parks and countryside, Sarasota really is an incredible place to make a home.
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Lisa Mirman