WeAreTeachers Selects BroadRamp to Develop Video Content Resources and Stream Video for WeAreTeachers Community

BroadRamp, the leader in video streaming technology, will manage and deliver all video content for the WeAreTeachers network.

Austin, TX, July 11, 2007 --(PR.com)-- WeAreTeachers, developer of a new online teaching, learning, and business network, and BroadRamp Inc., inventor of the only seamless, universal multimedia content and application delivery platform, have entered into an agreement to develop online content together.

Through BroadRamp's custom development tools, WeAreTeachers will provide its users with tiered-level access to participate in a free and subscription-based knowledge system. Sandy Fivecoat, chief executive officer of We Are Teachers said her firm's partnership with BroadRamp will allow its members to create individual profiles and have access to Web 2.0 technologies including blogs, forums and video communications.

"In addition to these services, teachers will be able to produce print, audio, and video-based content to promote and sell their goods and services," she added.

"We are extremely excited about this business partnership and eager to begin our development efforts with BroadRamp," said Fivecoat. "As the market leader in video compression and high-quality video production, teachers and learners will have the most unparalleled video content available in the industry."

"Our partnership with WeAreTeachers will enable a new Internet marketplace for teachers to easily create and monetize their own learning content," said Greg Nakagawa, chief executive officer of BroadRamp. "We believe this is an ideal forum for BroadRamp’s user-friendly, e-learning content creation tools.”

Sean Darwish, BroadRamp's chief technology officer, said educators will like his company's capability to build and convey online content to other educators. "We are leveraging our ability to allow teachers to submit their own video, have it auto-encoded utilizing our Content Delivery System (CDS™) platform and delivered with a superior user experience compared to traditional video-sharing sites," he said.

About WeAreTeachers
WeAreTeachers is the first 'knowledge marketplace' designed to empower teachers of all types by enabling tangible rewards to all who deliver skill and knowledge to others. The WeAreTeachers community will help teachers gain financial benefit through the publishing and selling of their own content, by promoting and delivering their time or tutoring services, and through recommending commercially available products to others. The full WeAreTeachers offering will launch in the fall of 2007. In the meantime, WeAreTeachers is developing a community for all types of teachers at www.imagine.weareteachers.com. For more information, visit www.weareteachers.com.

About BroadRamp, Inc.
BroadRamp Inc. delivers the only seamless, universal content and application delivery platform, the CDS™ Content Delivery System. BroadRamp's CDS converts existing content into online interactive multimedia and delivers it seamlessly and securely online. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, BroadRamp is a privately held, venture capital-funded company. For more information about BroadRamp and CDS, please visit the company's Web site at www.broadramp.com .

BroadRamp media contacts: Matt Scherer, 210-325-4130, email: mscherer@BroadRamp.com or Martha Trevino, 210-828-44451, Ext. 359; email: mtrevino@broadramp.com

WeAreTeacher media contact: John M. Costilla, 972-754-5348, email: jcostilla@weareteachers.com

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