Salt Lake Start Up to Take on International Management Contract in Costa Rica and Guatemala

One business can make a difference. Relocating from Costa Rica to Salt Lake City was a big change, but the opportunity to manage international spas has made it worth the effort. "This is what I love to do," says founder and President Liz Galloway

Salt Lake City, UT, July 13, 2007 --( Toiling over your new business can be rewarding, when you finally land that great contact. After relocating her Spa Development company from Costa Rica to Salt Lake City, Liz Galloway, President of Lotus Effects Consulting, was prepared to work 70 hour weeks to launch her new business. “It's been an exciting and sometimes unknown road, the past year.” says Galloway as she recounts the time and effort put into making great alliances and providing key services for her market. She works with not only local, and national clients, but international as well. She can now add management of international spas to her list of “things to do.”

Lotus Effects Consulting has aligned with Costa Rica based Med Spa, Laboratorios Masc, or Masc Skincare Laboratories owned by Luis Sandoval,, to handle the remote and on site management services, training and standards needed to build a great spa and great service. Excited to continue working in Costa Rica and Latin America, Ms. Galloway is currently looking into the details of more international contracts as her spa management services expands. Laboratorios Masc provides everything from nutritional services, to on site housing, doctors, personal trainers and personal chefs. The goal is to provide a full menu of amenities for the locals or people who are visiting, along with taking advantage of the popular medical tourism sector.

Working with a top U.S. Plastic surgeon you can have a cosmetic procedure and then enjoy a private recovery at the spa. Working both in Guatemala, Sandoval's home country, and Costa Rica, the home base for the Med Spa, this team of professionals will cater to your needs.

Creating consistent, accurate practices that are followed with strict care and guidelines, is the backbone of Galloway's consulting services. Having worked many years in Spa Development in Costa Rica, before returning to the U.S., she knows how things work, what needs to be done, and has the contacts and language to function as a local. “I'm happy and appreciative, to be doing what I am, and I look forward to the continued growth of my company, and providing quality service to my clients.” Galloway says of her business. “I'm back in the great Salt Lake, but I'm still international.”

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