The Tesla Group Announces Dr. Emily Splichal's Popularity Soars as a Human Movement Specialist

NYC Podiatrist and national fitness expert expands brand into barefoot workouts and training.

New York, NY, October 13, 2012 --( Dr. Emily Splichal, a NYC Podiatrist, national fitness expert, and human movement specialist takes the next step into helping both men and women conquer the effects of poor posture, foot, back related medical conditions, and confidence by creating a series of barefoot workout and barefoot training certifications, with the key belief that overall health starts from the bottom up.

Dr. Emily Splichal, also known by her female followers as “Dr. Legs,” advanced into the fitness-shoe industry as the go-to-doctor for creating long, lean legs and teaching women how to properly walk in their high heels through her two DVDs, Catwalk Confidence and Stiletto Recovery. In 2010, both DVDs were voted #1 by TimeOut NY. The new fitness craze along with Dr. Emily Splichal's barefoot training sparked a media frenzy, which has led to numerous appearances in Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. She became a regular guest and health expert on the PIX 11 Dr. Steve Show, was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, PIX Morning News, The Today Show, and The Doctors. In addition, Dr. Emily Splichal has been highlighted in Glamour, Seventeen, Women's Day, and Elle Magazine. She has landed endorsements with Garden Of Life®, New York Sports Club, and most recently became Spokeswoman for the orthotic shoe company Aetrex Worldwide®.

In 2011, Dr. Emily Splichal launched V-Core, the only barefoot balance-training workout that is uniquely designed to improve balance, posture and strength and Evidence Based Fitness Academy. The Evidence Based Fitness Academy is a Continuing Education Institute created to provide scientific and research-based curriculum for health and fitness professionals. To date, over 200 fitness trainers and specialist have applied for the certification in barefoot training through the Evidence Based Fitness Academy. “Studies have shown that the muscles in our feet weaken with prolonged shoe wear, with the best analogy being like our foot is in a cast. Most foot issues I see as a Podiatrist have to do with an imbalance between the small muscles in the foot and the larger muscles of our lower leg. Prevention and management should be centered on strengthening and waking up the muscles in our feet. Barefoot training is one of the most effective techniques for stimulating the nervous system. The bottom of our foot plays such an important role in balance, stability and shock absorption. This means that regardless of age or foot type, everyone benefits from barefoot training,” states Dr. Emily Splichal.

As the shoe industry continues to push the boundaries of heel height, Dr. Emily Splichal will continue to educate women on proper foot and leg strength through her self published book “Everyday Is Your Runway” a shoe lovers guide to healthy feet and legs, available on

In just two years, Dr. Emily Splichal has created a global fitness empire reaching everyone from stiletto lovers, professional athletes, runners, people with various orthopedic related conditions, and fitness enthusiasts bringing awareness and fitness techniques to improve overall health and well being. Dr. Emily Splichal currently sees a number of patients at Gramercy Park Podiatry in NYC and hopes to soon target major athletic shoe brands such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, high heel brands Geox, Cole Haan, and Aerosole in becoming a spokeswoman.

About Dr. Emily Splichal
Dr. Emily Splichal is a Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and national fitness expert recognized by stiletto-lovers as "Dr. Legs" from her posture and balance fitness workouts Catwalk Confidence® and Stiletto Recovery®. Dr. Emily Splichal is extensively trained in lower extremity biomechanics, sports medicine and movement dysfunction. With over 11 years in the fitness industry, Dr. Emily Splichal has dedicated her medical career towards studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot posture and foot strength.
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