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Leading Travel Blogger Reveals Food Secrets in New Book

G Adventures sponsors NYC book launch.

Toronto, Canada, October 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, Jodi Ettenberg of leading travel blog Legal Nomads and G Adventures’ Wanderer in Residence, launched her new book – The Food Traveller’s Handbook – in New York City at the Housing Works Bookstore Café. Revealing for the first time some of her top food secrets, the book teaches its readers how to find cheap, safe and delicious food anywhere in the world.

In Ettenberg’s new book, she discusses her love affair with food, and shares advice and personal stories from her culinary journey on the road. “Food is a big part of any travel experience. The book addresses why food matters and how travelers can explore the world through the many ingredients we find on our plates,” says Ettenberg. “It also tackles very valid safety concerns, from sourcing fresh eats to finding market stalls that serve hygienic meals. The book focuses primarily on cheaper food in developing countries, but its principles and tips can be applied worldwide.”

The book is a part of a larger series that highlights a number of travel themes: The Career Break Traveller's Handbook, Jeff Jung; The Luxury Traveller's Handbook, Sarah & Terry Lee; The Solo Traveller's Handbook, Janice Waugh; and The Volunteer Traveller's Handbook, Shannon O'Donnell.

Unlike traditional travel guidebooks that focus on destinations and logistics, the Traveller’s Handbook Series appeals to people looking to experience the world in their own preferred style. The books offer practical tips and inspire through first-hand stories, acknowledging that today, how and why people travel is as important as where they go.

Sponsored by G Adventures, more than 150 people attended the intimate New York City book launch. The adventure travel company purchased and donated 100 books so that all proceeds would benefit Housing Works HIV/AIDS research. A second launch will take place in London, UK on November 1, at 6pm at the Kensington Hotel, 109-113 Queen’s Gate.

The Traveller’s Handbook Series is now available in paperback ($16.99 CAD per book) and eBook ($9.99 CAD per eBook), through Amazon and iTunes. More titles will be added in 2013.

For more information please visit www.legalnomads.com/food-book and www.thetravelershandbooks.com/food/.
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