The On It Foundation to Provide 1,000 Computers in Miami-Dade, Seeks Corporate Donors

A Starter Grant Award from The Children’s Trust will help the On It Foundation (Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology) provide up to 1,000 computers to Miami-Dade residents over the next year. The On It Foundation provides free donated computers and computer training to low-income families with students in grades K-12 and was recently awarded a grant from The Children’s Trust for 2007-2008.

Miami, FL, July 12, 2007 --( The On It Foundation is calling on all corporations to join its “Get On It!” campaign and make a difference in Miami-Dade community by donating computers. Computers donated to the On It Foundation will then be distributed to needy students who are located within 50 miles of the corporate donor. Each donated computer will have the corporate donor’s name followed by “Got On It” signifying their commitment and dedication to their community. (e.g. ABC Company Got On It!)

“Although our project is focused for recipients in the Miami Dade County, I am challenging all national corporations as well as those within Miami Dade County and throughout South Florida. A national company may have a store or franchise in Miami and/or employee, families and friends that live and work in the area. I am also challenging the employees to get involved. We are in need of volunteers and organizations to provide basic computer training and assist in the distribution of computers. The Starter Grant First Time Award from The Children’s Trust and the Get On It Campaign and will allow our organization to provide computers in the homes of many families with students that do not have computers. Research shows that only 19 percent of economically underprivileged families own computers compared to over 33 percent of middle class households – a gap that has widened 64 percent over the past five years despite declining computer prices," said Calvetta Phair, President for The On It Foundation.

The On It Foundation seeks donated desktop working computers meeting the following minimum requirements: Pentium III, 256 MG RAM, CD-ROM with Monitor, Hard-Drive, Keyboard and Mouse. Financial donations may be made directly online via The On It Foundation website or by contacting their office directly. All donations are tax deductible.

“The pace of technological change in today’s economy has never been greater. It will accelerate still further in an exponential manner. The best jobs created in the technology age will be filled by those who possess the skills required to compete for them and carry them out – and possibly in the future, gain employment with the corporation that donated the computer,” said Calvetta Phair.

About The On It Foundation:
The On It Foundation is a national 501 (c )(3) public non-profit organization that provides free donated computers and computer training to families with students in grades K-12 that receive a free or reduced school lunch, attend a public school and reside within the United States. Founded in 1999, the On It Foundation has received numerous awards and provided thousands of computers to deserving recipients.

About The Children’s Trust:
To improve the lives of all children and families in Miami-Dade County by making strategic investments in their futures.

Contact Information:

Calvetta Phair – President
The On It Foundation
18520 NW 67th Avenue, Suite 186
Miami, Florida 33014
305.244.6454 - Phone

The On It Foundation
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