Xtraice, Skates Into the Hotel

On the 2nd October, Xtraice, the global leader in the manufacturing of ecological ice rinks, installed a showroom in the Boca Ratón Hotel in Florida.

Miami, FL, October 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The event took place in the famous Renaissance Hotel, “Boca Ratón”. This establishment is characterised by its prestigious location, near to the city’s business district. Xtraice installed one of its 20m2 synthetic ice rinks in one of the hotel’s exhibition halls. The product received a fantastic reception from the public who turned up to experience first-hand Xtraice’s self-lubricating technology. The attendees were understandably pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ice rinks and praised how real the experience of skating on synthetic ice was.

In fact, Xtraice has managed to create synthetic plastic materials which respond in a very similar way to conventional ice. This is due to Xtraice’s dedication to “Investment, development and innovation,” a political project in Spain and also into the study of movements of the ice skater in order to achieve realistic effects.

One of the principal values which sets Xtraice aside from the competition is that is has eliminated the memory effect in its products. In high temperatures, synthetic materials tend to become twisted or deformed as they go back to their original form. This causes climactic limitations for the rinks as the wearing away of the material is accelerated. To eliminate this problem, Xtraice offers a more resistant product, making it possible to practice ice skating during extreme temperatures without any consequences for the ice sheets. Skating on the beach or in the desert is now possible thanks to this revolutionary technology.

Xtraice is currently in the midst of a moment of expansion to new markets and each time, new business models are offered to their clients. Now, artistic ice skating and ice hockey are extremely popular and have millions of supporters all over the world. The ecological ice allows for the practice of these sports not only in professional training centres but also as a leisure activity. Xtraice has installed ice rinks in city squares, hotels, shopping centres, laser games, camp sites, go-karting rings, theme parks and bowling alleys etc. the possibilities are endless and the results of this investment are proving to be excellent.

The company offers a broad selection of highly personalized products, ice rinks of many different sizes and forms, ranging from ice rinks for the home to Olympic size rinks, with a quality described as excellent by famous sports stars and artistic ice skaters. Since the company opened in 2003, its reputation and products have conquered more than 50 countries across 5 continents. The numerous prizes Xtraice has won only confirm the quality of its patented technology which has revolutionised the ecological ice sector.

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