"From Zerobyte to Exabytes" Launched at All Major Bookstores in Malaysia

It had been the perfect 10-year for Exabytes to celebrate the journey. The CEO, KS Chan loves to share his sweet and bitter moment in this 10-year journey with you. The story started when he was at the age of 19.

Penang, Malaysia, October 19, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Exabytes Network (www.exabytes.my), a leading web hosting provider today announced the release of its first book, “From Zerobyte To Exabytes,” published by Kanyin Publications. “From Zerobyte to Exabytes” tells the story of the founder and CEO of Exabytes, Mr. Chan Kee Siak and how the self-taught web entrepreneur turned a one-man company to a famous IT establishment that today serves over 60,000 customers in 121 countries.

Born to a hawker family, Chan started his working life as a child helper at his parents’ hawker stall, and then enrolled in a local college (TARC) after the SPM (Malaysian O-Levels equivalent) while helping customers to repair PCs and building websites on a part-time basis to earn his tuition fees. As he discovered the potential of web-hosting and realized that there was a lack of web-hosting providers in Malaysia when building a website for his customers in the year 2001, at the tender age of 19, he decided to take advantage of the situation and set up his first e-Commerce reseller business, which was 100% Online-based. Business rolled in with hardly a break.

Chan grabbed the opportunity, which he described as a "once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity," and dropped out of college to concentrate on his online business. In the competitive world of web-hosting, Chan has had a challenging time increasing market share and competing with web-hosts from all over the world. As web-hosting is a commodity business and all competitors were selling identical products, Chan decided to break through, and gave his company the competitive edge by value-adding his products with 24×7×365 technical support, 100-Day Money Back Guarantee, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee. In 2002, Exabytes under Chan’s leadership won its first award, "100 Most Dynamic Hosting Companies." Three years later, Exabytes became the biggest web-hosting provider in Malaysia, a position it still holds. Subsequently, on Exabytes" 10th anniversary, Chan was honoured as one of the finalists of "The Outstanding Young Malaysian" (TOYM) as well as "Emerging Entrepreneur" in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2011® Malaysia.

Apart from the founding story of Exabytes, the 213-page book also features Chan’s business philosophy, management style, branding, Exabytes corporate culture and Exabytes online business tips focusing on how to start an online business from zero capital. Also worth mentioning in the book are the interesting computer drawings that depict Chan’s business philosophy.

Having appeared previously in many interviews featured by various newspapers, business magazines and television channels, Chan has never been a believer that one should keep his recipe for success to himself. “When I was approached by my co-author, HT Ng for the book project, I was immediately interested,” Chan said in a statement at a recent interview.

At the same time, the co-author of “From Zerobyte to Exabytes,” HT Ng was hopeful that Exabytes can be a role model for other aspiring entrepreneurs. “Since the rise of the Internet many years ago, many companies have turned to attract, retain and communicate with their buyers online. This trend will eventually be fully developed in Malaysia and Singapore, and when that happens, the story of Exabytes and Chan Kee Siak, I hope, can be a role model for many organizations or individuals wanting to enter the market,” he was quoted as saying.

“From Zerobyte to Exabytes” is now available for sale at all major bookstores in Malaysia including MPH, Popular, Borders and Kinokuniya. In addition, it can also be purchased in Singapore at Popular Bookstores. For readers who wish to purchase autographed copies, please visit: www.exabytes.easy.my.

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Like many technology companies, Exabytes began in Chan’s tiny bedroom in 2001. Today, it serves more than 60,000 customers in 121 countries, and manages over 1,000 servers with 60,000 registered domains. The company’s commitments to customers include 24x7x365 professional technical support, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, 100-Day Money Back, friendly customer service team, 99.9% Network Uptime and 99.5% Server Uptime.

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