Ishida Unvails The Cut Gate Weigher for Granuler Product - Gentle, Accurate and Easy-to-Use Weigher for Granule

Ishida released the cut-gate weigher “CG Series” for the overseas market. The CG weigher achieves accurate and stable weighing for washing detergent, coffee, ingredients and other dry granular products.

Kyoto, Japan, July 13, 2007 --( Ishida Co., Ltd., manufacturers of weighing, packaging and inspecting equipment, released the cut-gate weigher "CG Series" for the overseas market. The CG Series weighers are installed for Japanese major manufactures of washing detergent, coffee, ingredient and other dry granular products. They are satisfied with the accuracy, gentle product handling and easy maintenance of the CG Series weigher.

The main features of the CG Series weigher are as follows:
* Precise weighing accuracy
Ishida double-beam load cell and high-speed PLC achieves precise weighing accuracy.
* Perfect particle protection
There is no mechanism braking particle and separating product.
* Autopilot weighing in whole production
High-speed feedback control system keeps stable weighing from the start to finish production.
* Easy changeover, Easy cleaning
Target weight, weighing speed and other settings are easy to change via the remote control unit.
* No tools are required to remove cut-gate, weigh hopper and many other parts, simplifying clean-up procedures and reducing clean-up time.

The CG series is developed and manufactured by Ishida Engineering Co., Ltd., which is Ishida's wholly owned subsidiary in Japan. Ishida Engineering developed broad weighing and counting equipment for a specialized market but for the Japanese market only. Ishida started introducing Ishida Engineering equipment for the overseas market with CG Series.

Ishida Co., Ltd.
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Yoshitaka Kunikane
Marketing Group, Ishida Co., Ltd.

Ishida Co., Ltd.
Yoshitaka Kunikane