Lifestyle Fitness Coaching Certification Comes to North America

Calgary, Canada, July 12, 2007 --( The First of its kind, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching Certification will come to the Diamond of Canada, Calgary Alberta, October 27th and 28th 2007. Hosted by the Executive Edge Fitness and Lifecoaching, Master coaches Terri Levine of The Coach Institute and John Spencer Ellis of NESTA will appear in Canada for the first time ever.

In the Next few years you're going to see a new breed of fitness professional in the gym: the "Fitness Lifestyle coach."

The future of fitness is Fitness Lifestyle coaching. The next generational shift of the Fitness Profession is the Fitness Trainer who combines their skills of exercise management with coaching, counseling, motivating and educating in order to influence people to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Allan H. Fine is a 15 year fitness trainer who is on the cutting edge of wellness.

Now for the first time he brings together two of the greatest lifecoaches and fitness professionals to teach this cutting edge certification.

This is a once in a life time opportunity for fitness trainers to learn from the absolute best in the industry.

Executive Edge
Allan Fine