ConsumerBase Property Owner Files Give Industry Marketers Resource for Commercial and Industrial Real Estate

Email, telephone and postal data provided for property owners in both business and consumer markets.

Evanston, IL, October 20, 2012 --( ConsumerBase LLC, a multi-channel list provider located in Evanston, IL, is offering recently enhanced data for direct marketing professionals targeting both consumer and business property owners. Individuals owning and managing properties are the primary audience for a variety of businesses promoting industry services such as financial planning, home décor, maintenance services, and more.

“Property owners are an important segment of our consumer and business populations,” says Larry Organ, CEO of ConsumerBase. “We are proud to provide our clients with quality, up-to-date data, improving the opportunity to maximize campaign results.”

Commercial and industrial property owners alike seek maintenance and home enhancement services that direct marketers may be promoting, such as plumbing services, roofing, and lawn care.

Property owner mailing lists include but are not limited to:

Multiple Residential Property Owners
Commercial and Industrial Property Owners
Real Property Owners Database

These lists may be further refined with consumer demographic and geographic selects to learn more about the targeted population. ConsumerBase frequently updates its data to provide accurate and current list offerings to clients and leads the industry in quality data.

About ConsumerBase
ConsumerBase provides multi-channel direct marketing services with a specialty in postal, email, and telephone solutions. Encompassing the entire lifecycle of customer information, ConsumerBase services focus on acquiring and retaining customers, validating, cleaning, and enhancing customer data, and improving the overall performance of marketing communications.

ConsumerBase is an Evanston-based multi-channel mailing list company. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Evanston, Illinois. ConsumerBase operates as a subsidiary of Organ Worldwide LLC.

Kathryn Fallucco, Media Editor
ConsumerBase LLC
ConsumerBase LLC
Kathryn Fallucco