Med3q.Com Launches BizRx™: The Prescription for Healthy Physician Practices

One dose of BizRx™ a day keeps the doctor’s practice in good health.

Fort Worth, TX, July 13, 2007 --( BizRx, a new service at that launches today, addresses common points of pain faced by busy doctors in the areas of business, practice management, patient relations, personal finance and much more.

Engaging and stimulating audio interviews with business experts are regularly served up at the site in 5-to-7 minute increments to doctors who have joined med3q. Membership in the health-focused social-networking site is free.

“I see tremendous potential for BizRx because practice management is such a huge issue,” says Dr. Ralph A. Gambardella, chairman of Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles.

Credentialed med3q doctors can access fascinating interviews with successful business experts, presentations and other educational tools on the med3q site developed just for them.

The BizRx series will include topics of interest to physicians such as:
Finance issues for doctor’s practices,
Succession plans and exit strategies for doctors,
What physicians need to know about medical malpractice and how
to win at trial,
Successful medical group integration, and
The development and operation of physician-owned outpatient
surgery centers and other facilities.

Bite-size and relevant, BizRx helps time-crunched doctors think through important, but too often neglected, aspects of their professional lives that affect the day-to-day management of their practice, revenue and profitability, wealth building, patient satisfaction, risk and more.

“Physicians have limited time to spend thinking about their businesses,” adds Dr. Darren Lackan, president of the Diabetes and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth. “We tend to focus on patient care and leave business matters to others. That’s why the expert advice offered in BizRx and other physicians’ comments in the med3q forums regarding what works in their practices is vital.”


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