Brenda Lee Reed Announces New Approach to Whole Health and Anti-Aging

Brenda Lee Reed of Genesis Healing Center offers revolutionary new treatments for anti-aging, digestive disorders, and weight management. Additionally, Genesis Healing Center provides a safe post-operative recovery environment and other services for those seeking to regain control of their bodies.

Lascassas, TN, October 21, 2012 --( Brenda Lee Reed, founder of Middle Tennessee’s Genesis Healing Center and a certified colon therapist, has added a handful of new programs to Genesis’ line up of health related services. New additions include Bio-Identical Hormone Testing and improved Weight Management programs, says Brenda Lee Reed.

In an effort to improve the health of her guests, Brenda Lee Reed has added these services and more to Genesis Healing Center, a residential treatment facility in Rutherford County that has long been a safe haven for those looking to detox both the mind and the body.

According to Brenda Lee Reed, the majority of those who supplement their diets with OTC vitamins are still deficient in most nutrients. Sadly, it is these deficiencies that can trigger a number of health conditions. Genesis offers the Life Coach led classes, Get Healthy! Stay Balanced!, says Brenda Lee Reed. These sessions are geared toward those who want to learn how to look at their food intake in a new light and learn to cope with life’s little stresses through health and wellness. Brenda Lee Reed notes that instructors are trained to help participants learn how to overcome or avoid even the most life-controlling emotional problems.

Brenda Lee Reed has also opened the Center to those who are facing major surgery or who are in physical recovery after chemo and radiation therapies and other energy depleting medical procedures. She believes that healing the body is directly related to healing both the spirit and the mind. Thus, Brenda Lee Reed has created a safe environment that allows guests to feel sheltered in God’s nurturing presence.

Since losing her own father to cancer in 1999, Brenda Lee Reed has dedicated her life to helping others extend their own so that no other family is left with such a devastating and premature loss. At Genesis Healing Center, staff can help men and women overcome fatigue and insomnia, IBS, anxiety, diabetes, and even decreased libido and depression. Their approach is one of strict dietary intake and mental cleansing and lasts from one week up to one month. Brenda Lee Reed reports that many patrons return year after year for a “tune up.”

Brenda Lee Reed is a mother, a grandmother, and a cancer survivor. Her spirit remains strong despite the loss of her father, Ted, to esophageal cancer. Genesis Healing Center is dedicated to his memory and exists to help others make the transition from frail to well.

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