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Blogging Systems Group, Leading Provider of Blog Technology to the Real Estate Industry, Releases New Whitepaper to Help Broker/Owners Leverage Blogs as a Marketing Tool

Blogs, from Blogging Systems, help broker owners take advantage of the growing number of consumers who want to engage with the companies from which they request services

Princeton Junction, NJ, July 12, 2007 --( Blogging Systems Group, the leading provider of blog technology to the real estate industry, recently released a new whitepaper helping broker owners leverage blogs as part of their marketing and communications strategy.

“Blogging Systems is dedicated to helping broker owners engage customers via new methods,” said Richard Nacht, Founder & CEO of Blogging Systems. “No longer can companies rely on top-down, command-and-control communication. Rather, companies must enter into conversations with customers allowing them equal time and blogging does just that.”

According to Blogging Systems, companies have the opportunity – by engaging with customers – to reach the customer’s network as well. It’s important that companies empower their customers/prospects to pass along vital company messaging to their network on behalf of the company.

Blogs provide the broker owner/agent the ability to:
-grow their prospect list
-create long-term customers
-establish customer referrals
-increase brand awareness
-share their local expertise

Broker Owners can begin this messaging transition with a variety of blogging platforms from Blogging Systems which include:

Company & Office Blogs – Leveraged as a marketing and sales tool for real estate agents and brokers who want to communicate directly and personally with prospects, website visitors and potential customers.

Agent Co-branded Marketing Blogs – Brokerages can ensure that the agent blogs’ convey the brand of the brokerage. Using Blogging Systems’ platform, both the agent and the broker benefit.

Company Intranet Blogs – Used as a tool for internal communication, archiving information, project management tool and collaborating across the enterprise as well as training.

Learn more about blogging by requesting the new whitepaper for Broker Owners from Blogging Systems at:

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Blogging Systems provides real estate blog platforms that produce a low-cost, high results tool for Community networking (both offline and on the internet), effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales and customer relations.

Blogging Systems provides turn-key blog networks which are the ultimate real estate marketing tool. Ours is a "soup to nuts" approach with experienced blog professionals who guide clients through the process step-by-step. Not only do we provide the most robust real estate blog platform on the market today, we back it up with training and technical support. Clients receive a turn-key system and the training and knowledge needed to use it as a complete real estate marketing system.

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