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New Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation Includes the Best Offense is a Great Defense

New York, NY, October 24, 2012 --( Lawyer’s online reputations are especially vulnerable today since one negative comment, bad blog post or deal gone wrong has a great impact on their practice. A lawyer can be embroiled in a business deal but disparaging remarks, negative reviews or a purposeful smear campaign by a competitor is frequently being used to manipulate the deal. Enterprising law firms are now realizing that they are able to repair their reputation online and save their business.

Steven W. Giovinco’s Recover Reputation uses reputation repair techniques focused on lawyers, their practices and their clients. One of the best ways to avoid a poor reputation is build one defensively.

Steven W. Giovinco says, “I’ve worked with a law client that had little online presence, and as a result, negative information floated to the top of Google search results—and stayed they for years until they realized they could to do something about it.”

One tip to boost a poor reputation is to create a blog with fresh, good information aimed at clients. “Writing a blog is a great way to address your online reputation. Select a topic that you are an expert in and generate content weekly or even daily, if possible,” says, Giovinco. “The more specific and unique the subject, the better—and the better chance of will have of being picked up by another blog or web site.”

Creating a strong online presence aids a law practice because they are less susceptible to bad information showing up in search results. Recover Reputation recommends lawyers carefully review their current online presence.
Giovinco says, “Use big sites that search engines see as trustworthy. If you don’t have a Twitter account, create one immediately; if you already have one, review it and use it. Do the same for Facebook and LinkedIn.”

Research additional sites specific to the law industry, such, and create a presence there or other related sites.

Knowing your current online reputation is another important tip.

“Search for yourself to be aware of your current online reputation. Do you have any issues that you didn’t know about? Is your own site showing up? Just get a general understanding of what is out there about you.”

Recover Reputation helps professionals and companies protect and promote their online reputation. We protect your online name, control your business identity and provide the best—and true–image of your company online. Recent successes include one day to move negative post from first page to second; 50 of 52 negative news posts where pushed to 3rd search page in 45 days. You always work with owner and founder Steve Giovinco, who offers a customized and effective approach to online reputation management, online reputation repair and online brand building. Call Steve at 347-421-7598 for a free evaluation and visit for additional information.
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