Pluscounsel is Here to Empower You

Pluscounsel announces its upcoming launch of its services, which will provide legal forms, provide support, and help protect individuals and small businesses that may normally not be able to afford a team of professionals.

San Diego, CA, October 25, 2012 --( Organization will was created will the intent of helping people save money and obtain the Professional support that is necessary in our daily lives. As part of services, pluscounsel, will offer Attorneys, CPAs, Brokers, and many other service providers. Members can obtain the help they need with a simple call, email, website, or through our state of the art phone application.

“We’re excited to bring these important services to our community,” said Alex Lopez one of the founders of pluscounsel. Pluscounsel understands that people and small businesses have a need to get professional support when the occasion arises, without the normal cost involved.

Pluscounsel will try to cover as much as possible, and when there are addition fees involved by service providers, they make sure members get a substantial discount.

Pluscounsel helps save money, get a piece of mind and reduced exposure. The service is equivalent to having a substantial team of professionals at your service. Together, they make a difference by providing the tools that will empower members. In addition, by collaborating with community based organizations throughout the nation, Pluscounsel will strive to ensure that many of the challenges presented by members are properly acknowledged and addressed.

The strategic partnership with local business assistance aimed at supporting individuals, families, and businesses will prove to be a tool well worth having.

Americans can now afford to be members and have access to this vital resource. Ask yourself, are you ready for a legal problem? Can you afford a team of Professionals? Would you like a team on your side at a low monthly membership?

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