FastCount’s New Private Label Gives Entrepreneurs New Business Opportunity

Instant mailing list download website offers business opportunity seekers chance to own turn-key, consumer data business using FastCount’s private labeled website.

Evanston, IL, October 26, 2012 --( FastCount, a compiled postal and email mailing list database headquartered in Evanston, IL, is now offering business opportunity seekers the chance to personalize its online instant mailing list platform to run their own consumer data business through. A Private Label owner’s site is branded with their logo and contact information, so they can take ownership of their venture.

“Private Label is our latest offering to entrepreneurs and business professionals,” says Organ. “FastCount is continuously working to provide new and innovative opportunities for direct marketers, business owners and anyone looking to get involved with the mailing list and data community.”

Clients can search the database free of charge, specify a list, and download instantly. Lists are rented for one-time use, and multiple usage results in more revenue. FastCount’s Private Label consumer data business opportunity allows private label owners to receive and automatically fulfill client orders with compiled, consumer data including selects such as gender, age, income and much more.

Instant purchasing capabilities allow end-users to buy lists on short notice in a variety of popular consumer categories. FastCount’s sister company,, is an industry leader providing multi-channel direct marketing services

About FastCount
FastCount is a client-facing compiled postal and email sales lead database available for instant download. FastCount gives direct marketers a faster way to get leads for marketing campaign needs.

FastCount is based in Evanston, Illinois. The company was created in 2012 as a marketing tool for ConsumerBase LLC, a subsidiary of Organ Worldwide LLC.

Kathryn Fallucco, Media Editor
ConsumerBase LLC
Kathryn Fallucco