BeFit-Mom DVD Wins the Platinum Award

Oakland, CA, July 13, 2007 --( The Family Review Magazine has selected BeFit-Mom’s new DVD “Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning” by fitness expert Helene Byrne, as the recipient of their ‘Platinum Award,’ stating that the DVD “is a must have for every new mother.”

“You have done an excellent job in the creation, development, and production,” says Serena Phillips, Sr. Editor of the Family Review Magazine. “Your video was chosen because it is user friendly and our team realized the effectiveness of the methods.”

The DVD provides two complete postpartum workouts. The first program, “Gentle First Moves” features safe, restorative exercises that can be started just days after giving birth. The second workout, “Bounce Back Fast!” builds off the first program and provides a more challenging workout that develops core strength and dynamic stability. Both workouts utilize a fitness band, (included with the DVD) which allows women to modify the intensity of the workout to fit her individual skill level.

Moreover, the DVD features exercises that systematically rebuild all four layers of the abdominal wall, and offers special postpartum training techniques that flatten the abdomen and improve body contours quickly.

The “Bounce Back Fast!” DVD also includes bonus materials that help new mothers with common post-pregnancy conditions such as pelvic floor reconditioning, and how to test for and repair abdominal separation.

“This (DVD) will help you to get the old you back quickly, without compromising your health,” adds Serena, “but actually improving it. Forget the diet fads and give your body what it really needs—a workout.”

The “Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning” DVD is available for $21.95 from BeFit-Mom at

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