Siglent SDG5000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Shenzhen, China, October 31, 2012 --( Siglent Technologies Co., Ltd launches new arbitrary waveform generator with excellent functions --- SDG5000 series. with maximum 160MHz frequency, maximum 512Kpts wavelength, 500M sample rate for both two channels, SDG5000 becomes a highlight among all similar products. Except excellent parameters, SDG5000’s new appearance design brighten users’ eyes.

High frequency high amplitude

Normal signal generator with 20Vpp can Max output 10MHz or 20MHz frequency, because the max amplitude output is negatively affected as the frequency rising. Siglent engineers improve the module of the amplifier in the analog channel of SDG5000 series. SDG5000 series in 20Vpp can output 40MHz frequency while 10Vpp matches 100MHz frequency. At the same volume Vpp, SDG5000 series has better output than others.

Isolated with earth

Most of signal generators are connected with the earth to reduce the noise. But that will be bad for some sensitive test instruments. The test result will be not accurate.

Siglent Engineers adopt the solution similar with Agilent signal generator to design SDG5000, which isolated the signal and cabinet, signal and ground, to achieve floating, make sure the pureness of testing ground and to stop instrument affecting testing load ground. The minimum output signal is 2mV(high impedance), while the floating deletes disturbance, the output of small signals are ensured.

Unique pulse wave generating technology:

SDG5000 signal generator apply Siglent’s own pulse generating technology EasyPulse, so it can output stable, precise, wide range pulse wave, which becomes a leading product in China.

1. Low jitter:<100ps (typical value)
2. Quick rising/falling edge: ≥6ns (full frequency range, no effect from frequency)
3 .Ultra wide dutyfactor range: 0.0001% ~ 99.9999%
4. Edge and pulse width precision can be adjusted:100ps resolution

Many kinds of the communication interface:

1. SDG5000 has USB host and USB device ports. LAN/GPIB are optional.
2. USB Host: firmware update and input signal documents
3. USB Device: Connect other instruments to output
4. LAN: connect with internet to realize the remote control
5. LAN: realize remote control
6. GPIB: allow computer to control several signal generators and other instruments

About Siglent

Siglent Technologies Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in electronic test instruments integrated R&D, Production, marketing, and service. Siglent is listed as the high-tech enterprises by National and Shenzhen government both. The procedures of the manufacturing are compliant with ISO9001:2008 Quality and ISO14001:2004 Environment management system.

With the effort of all Siglent people, the turnover of DSO (digital storage oscilloscope) is No.1 in China. Currently, the major products in Siglent include DSO, Handheld oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, and so on. See more details at
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Alice Wu