Sex with Morality Equals Success at Ask Uncle Terry

Portland, OR, July 15, 2007 --( A year ago writer Terrance Lile with a group of friends started building Ask Uncle Terry a free adult sexuality and relationships website and forum which balances sex and morality. The website and forum have quickly become a popular sexual education resource with hits in the millions.

Many say seers said it could not be done. In spite of all obstacles, growth has surpassed expectations. Lile stated, “Now in our 9th full month of operation, our growth has far exceeded all expectations with our hits in the millions and the search engines are just starting to index us. We are revising our 5 year plan as we have already reached many of our 5th year goals.”

Ask Uncle Terry is not a pornographic site. For those looking for x-rated photos they will not find them at Ask Uncle Terry nor will they find boring medical imagery. What visitors will find is humor and well thought out cartoon images that are explicit enough to add helpful visual support while bringing a smile to ones face.

At adults are presented with information on subjects that range from talking to your children about sex and abstinence to information on masturbation and first time sex issues, sexual health and condom use issues, to information that ranges from vaginal, anal and oral positions and safety to discussions on kinky sex, BDSM and fetishes. Visitors may submit question to Uncle Terry from which he selects and replies to on the site or they may take a free membership to the forum where he along with other members reply to all questions.

Members do not disclose their real names in the registration process, so everyone is known by their handle. Charter Member Dirty Suarez stated, “Ask Uncle Terry’s Sexual Advice Forum is somewhat conservative, yet bold enough to keep me returning." Suarez continued, “The members include both younger, middle age, and older adults with experience that ranges from none to the sexual connoisseur, along with sexuality and relationship experts. We talk very openly about sex, relationships, and parenting issues in a fun and informative way without the use of excessive vulgarity or below the waist images. Personal attacks are not allowed so everyone feels safe in sharing their needs and concerns”

Membership to the Ask Uncle Terry Sexual Advice Forum is free to all adults age 18 and over.

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Terrance Lile