Emergency Room Physician Turned Podcaster, Dr. Ginger Campbell, Remains Skeptical of Near-Death Experience Research

In-depth interview with host of The Brain Science Podcast, Dr. Ginger Campbell explores why a lack of science education hinders researchers from exploring the limits of consciousness research.

Del Mar, CA, July 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Join host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews Dr. Ginger Campbell about The Brain Science Podcast and her beliefs about human consciousness and science education.

During the 45-minute interview Dr. Campbell explains why general science education is the first step in approaching controversial science: “Before we’re going to make progress on some of these more difficult issues we’re going to have to have more people know what we already know. Science knowledge, at least in the United States is abysmal. When I decide how I’m going to spend my time, my priority is to inform people about the basics of how science works.”

Dr. Campbell also discusses why we shouldn’t be surprised that consciousness research hasn’t caught up with controversial examinations of near-death experience and psi research. She also offers and emergency room physician’s opinion of NDEs.

The interview is available for immediate free download at: www.skeptiko.com/index.php?id=30.

Dr. Ginger Campbell is host of, The Brain Science Podcast. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama where she is an emergency room physician.

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