Mark F. Weiss, Healthcare Business Expert, to Deliver Webinar on How Societal Changes Require Medical Groups Adopt a New Contracting Strategy

Mark F. Weiss of Advisory Law Group will present a webinar on November 29, 2012, for hospital-based physician group leaders on why their groups must adopt a new contracting strategy in light of communal trends in healthcare and in society in general.

Los Angeles, CA, November 03, 2012 --( Mark F. Weiss, attorney-at-law, of Advisory Law Group, a nationally recognized expert on the business and legal issues affecting physicians, will present a webinar on November 29, 2012, at 4:00 p.m. PST, "Why Your Group Needs A New Contracting Strategy." The latest in the Advisory Law Group Webinar Series, sign up is via The webinar is complimentary.

"Society is becoming increasingly affected by 'we' think, from notions of shared sacrifice, to paying your fair share, to 'giving back,'" Weiss said.

"These notions of community and cooperation present an advantage to local groups in fighting off the onslaught of outside competitors, especially in fighting off large national groups. But that advantage will be lost unless a medical group adopts a contracting strategy that harmonizes with the growing societal trend."

Participants in the thirty minute webinar will learn:

1. The major general societal trends.
2. How those trends impact medical group relationships.
3. How those trends impact medical group facility contracting.
4. Why having a strategy that ties into those trends provides groups with an essential advantage.

Mark F. Weiss, of Advisory Law Group, with offices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, represents physician groups and entrepreneurial office-based physicians across the country.
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