Hindsight is 20/20... Southern Peach Entertainment's New Edgy Thriller Voyeur Crosses the Line

Los Angeles, CA, July 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Many women possess the fear of being assaulted by a stranger. Ironically, many cases of violence, committed against women, are at the hands of someone they know…often times a voyeur.

The highly controversial film Voyeur: In Hindsight shocks audiences with the riveting performances by former Nickelodeon actress turned Hip Hop artist Tyisha Hampton-Mitchell, also known as Bombay and new comer Jamal Gay.

Voyeur is a dark thriller that takes an unsettling venture into the brutal attack of a woman at the hands of a serial rapist and her struggle to regain her power. This film takes an experimental look at hindsight recollection and what we could have, should have would have done differently. The storyline is non-linear which builds suspense and allows the audience to determine their own course of action.

The film also stars Actress/Producer Anika C. McFall (American Dream, Final Move), Shelli Boone (Sinners and Saints, Crossover) and Kareem Grimes (Jarhead)

“This movie takes great risk in that it removes viewer from their comfort zone and forces them to see the reality of rape and rape prevention,” as stated by Executive Producer Anika McFall.

The Producing team of Southern Peach Entertainment, Stephanie Cunningham, Danielle L. Ross and Anika McFall take pride in telling stories that don’t necessarily fit the commerciality mold. "SP is a young company whose mission is to bring a multitude of stories celebrating the urban experience. We believe the curban community is more complex than what is being protayed in the media. We’s like to show these complexities through film art."

The scheduled DVD release for Voyeur: In Hindsight is Fall 2007.

Southern Peach Entertainment
AC Blackburn