MarketMover BusinessIQ Provides Business Users with Advanced Data Analytics Capabilities

Sentrana's MarketMover BusinessIQ reporting tool that allows business users to effortlessly analyze operating data from disparate sources to derive insights about their customers, their products, and their customers’ customers.

Washington, DC, November 05, 2012 --( Sentrana Inc. announced today the MarketMoverTM BusinessIQ reporting tool that allows business users to effortlessly analyze operating data from disparate sources to derive insights about their customers, their products, and their customers’ customers. BusinessIQ provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that structures and manages data allowing users, such as sales, marketing, and product professionals, to build and share reports that are typically time-consuming to create.

Part of the MarketMoverTM Analytics Suite, BusinessIQ simplifies many of the complexities business users encounter as they seek to understand and work with available data. Since many companies struggle to manage data from multiple sources, in different formats, and sometimes with varying levels of integrity, data integration is at the core of Sentrana’s analytics solution. BusinessIQ sits on top of the MarketMoverTM Data Warehouse, the backbone of Sentrana’s solutions, which brings together data from different sources and in varying formats into a single data warehouse. This in turn enables business users to develop business insights by providing access to the entire data set and the ability to examine the data quickly and in-depth using built-in analytical tool sets.

BusinessIQ is tailored to use the terminology, categories, performance metrics and other content relevant to each client depending on their industry and their needs. It displays data in many different ways through an intuitive reporting interface which enables new users to immediately begin using the tool with very little training. Users define what they want their reports to show and BusinessIQ produces the output as a table, chart, or both, allowing them to choose the presentation format that is most impactful for understanding the data visually in order to facilitate better decision making. To derive greater insight, users can drill down into values to learn how those indicators and business metrics are constructed or change the type of graph or chart to convey appropriate insights. To provide maximum value, users can save and share their reports to other BusinessIQ users, including live updates and email notifications when the report creator modifies or updates their reports. Additionally, users can share reports outside of BusinessIQ as CSV formatted files or jpegs.

“We are in a world in which big data is now prevalent. Many companies unnecessarily rely on specific teams to access warehoused data and create reports, which are then fed back to the people who need to derive business insights,” explained Glenn Boysko, Lead Software Architect. “Additionally, a major challenge that manufacturers face is that they struggle to get a complete picture of their data because they have multiple data-sources in different data formats. BusinessIQ is a tool that helps those manufacturers, or any business users, gain control of their data and bring it to life for daily business decisions.” BusinessIQ can be used along with the other solutions within the Sentrana MarketMoverTM platform to formulate pricing, assortment and promotional optimization, and recommendations from these insights.

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