Marketing Expert Dr. R. Kay Green Releases Marketing Rule Book for Women in Business and Entrepreneurship

I’ve Been Called the B*Word… Now What Do I Do? 13 Rules for the “New-Age” Professional Woman provides an in-depth look at the modern entrepreneurial landscape. Also known as the B*Word Rule Book, this book suggests the emergence of an exciting new trend: more than ever before, female entrepreneurs are achieving tremendous business success.

Atlanta, GA, November 05, 2012 --( In her trail-blazing new book, I’ve Been Called the B* Word… Now What Do I Do? 13 Rules for the New-Age Professional Woman, Dr. R. Kay Green – the quintessential “New-Age” professional woman herself – interviews 12 other highly accomplished female entrepreneurs from all walks of life. The B*Word Rule Book highlights young female entrepreneurs who are succeeding in business now more than ever before. But what are the secrets to this success? What special challenges do women face in building a brand and generating industry buzz?

Dr. R. Kay Green, a PhD marketing pro who is CEO/president of her own thriving firm as well as a professor of marketing, has tapped into their combined strengths to offer exceptional insight into:

· Finding your niche
· Establishing your brand
· Revitalizing your strategies
· Building the right network
· Rendering the competition irrelevant

Concrete, time-proven advice makes I’ve Been Called the B* Word… a must-read for any woman striving to achieve business success. Rather than simply cheering women on, the book provides detailed "how-to" steps, while tips from the pros offer a discerning process for living and working at your best, suggesting how to: create the proper mindset; dress for the part; reinvent yourself; be relentless without being overbearing; and inspire others while on the road toward fulfilling your dreams.

“I’ve Been Called the B* Word… is not about being a bitch,” says Dr. Green. “It’s the exact opposite – it is about the diversity, leadership and empowerment of women today. We include many other b* words in the book, but they are words that describe positive attributes.

“If you are a woman with a career, you will find invaluable wisdom in this book. If you are a woman entrepreneur, you will find a veritable roadmap to small business success. And if you’ve ever been called the B-word, this book will change your life.”
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Dr. R Kay Green